Nytt år och nya planer!                
Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) är som ett Kinderägg för vuxna: Gemenskap, vänskap och nya erfarenheter på en och samma gång.
Vi har nu kontakt med två distrikt; ett i Jaipur, Indien (3056) och ett i västra USA/Kanada (5020) för nya utbyten.
Indien är bäst att besöka på vinterhalvåret mellan december och februari så planen är att påbörja ett utbyte till kommande vinter och USA/Kanada är utsatt till juni 2025 i lagom tid till Rotary Convention i Calgary.
Låter detta intressant för dig? Kontakta RFE Chair Anni Davidson, anni.davidson@inge9sus.com, 0708-922 494
Nedan lite närmre presentation av de bägge distrikten.

Distrikt 3056 Jaipur Indien:

Dear friends, a heartfelt welcome to each and every one of you! we extend a warm embrace as we celebrate your presence in our district.
It brings us immense joy to have you join us for the Family and Friendship Exchange Program. Your visit is truly a source of delight, and we are
honored to share this special occasion with you.
I believe that this cultural interchange holds the potential to enhance global comprehension and foster goodwill through direct connections between individuals transcending geographical limitations. These person-to-person interactions aim to fortify the bonds of friendship among Rotary International Districts, working collaboratively towards positive change in our community and contributing to the greater good of the world. Our district team has diligently orchestrated all the preparations to ensure that your stay with us is not just an ordinary visit, but a truly remarkable and memorable experience.

Distrikt 5020 Vancouver Island, Kanada och Western Washington USA:

Rotary District 5020 consists of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and Western Washington in Washington State, United States. 
The best known Canadian city in District 5020 is Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Here you will find the Parliament Buildings and the Provincial Museum on the bustling Inner Harbor.
You can also enjoy tea in the Empress Hotel, take a water taxi tour of the harbor, wander through the world famous Butchart Gardens, and visit two real castles.
District 5020 is a maritime and forest dominated region. Visitors will see magnificent snow-capped mountains, whales swimming along the coast, and giant 500-year-old growth forests.  On the American side of District 5020, visitors will explore the scenic Olympic Peninsula and the Puget Sound area with access to islands, beaches, and the city of Tacoma. Seattle WA is just a 30 minute drive from the district and its attractions often become part of the tour. Tacoma is an attractive old port with a vibrant artistic culture. Olympia, the state capital of Washington, is another interesting attraction. Visitors may also stop by Mount St. Helens, an active volcano.
Two large cities near us (but NOT in 5020) are Vancouver and Seattle. These are both great airports to start or end a RFE here.
A typical exchange would be 3 nights in two Canadian cities and two cities in USA. Total 12 nights. We are flexible. This would require visas and passports into Canada and USA.