Pres. Brian thanking Preston Casertano, the Whitechapel Project
Greeter: Jill Carman
Pledge: Al Peskoe
Prayer:  Paul Peacock
Guests: Cookie Healey, Glenn, Kelly McOmber, John Rachinsky 
Speaker: Preston Casertano
President Brian called the meeting to order and reviewed upcoming events
Tomorrow Clean Ocean Action Beach Sweeps. Mika, Ken, Gordon, Paul, Terry, Barb and Jack volunteering.
Annual Foundation Dinner 11/7 - Will be awarded grant checks from Rotary International. Brian, Barb, Mika, Frank Crupi, Jill attending.
Food drive  at Shop Rite - 11/22&23 sign up sheet passed around.
Board Meeting discussions included 1. possibly increasing the dollar value and  awarding fewer scholarships 2. All dues paid  3. Transfer $3,000 from working account to foundation account
Ken asks that everyone signs in at weekly meeting for accurate RI reporting.
Mika has the site set up for Rotary t-shirts, sweatshirts, button downs and polos. Portion of the money benefits the club.
50/50 tickets had an error in the awarding of the prizes. Will have tickets at the next meeting.
Link to club runner password help contact Ken.
 Last Wednesday Brian attended meeting with 7 presidents from area rotary clubs - our club is doing pretty well comparatively as far as what we're doing and financially and memberships.
Terry spoke on the Art Show 4/23  at Sheraton Eatontown Hotel with goal to make $5000
Guest Speaker: Preston Casertano - Founder, the whitechapel projects
More than just a beer garden, theme is about sustainability, food, brewing, art, music and education. 
Will include: Nano brewery, Event space, Art gallery, Roof top gardens, Restaurant and Beer hall. 
Preston spent time taking in the atmosphere of street art and how people got excited about art in London. Inspired by Whitechapel district of London, an area where the government made the neighborhood an arts area to clean it up.
He wanted to bring that energy to the Jersey Shore. He is completely funding the project with his own money. It is located across from Ocean Place on the corner of Second Avenue and Broadway. Building has been there for over 100 years and is actually warehouse complex of 5 buildings.  Recently had a street artist paint a mural on the side of the building to draw attention to it. 
Brick and timbers from Building B will be saved and upcycled. The are over 200 rings in timbers meaning they must have come from a Monmouth county forest.  Building A, restaurant/beer hall.  Building C is kitchen, Building E will be back of house for restaurant and Building D an art gallery. Piece of yard donated for municipal lot
Elevator shaft will stay translucent over building. Courtyard art and event space made from 60,000 bricks from original building. Art will be curated and have a theme
Beer hall will have timbers and bricks from original building. Make own beer and soda from local ingredients, such as ginger ale from fresh ginger grown in the roof top garden.
Event hall space available and will be trying to bring film festival to Long Branch. Will have open calendar time for the community and schools to use
Pop up restaurant will be an experimental restaurant under separate name with guest chef. Chefs do this to try out new dishes for a few weeks on a select audience. Will pre-sell dinners.
Roof Top Garden will be an area for growing veggies and herbs.  Help coming from Brooklyn Grange in setting up roof as urban garden and wild flower garden on gabled roof. Bee hives from Bee Bold (who put them on roofs of hospitals, hotels and restaurants). Fresh honey in beer and kitchen.
Timeline- deconstruction will take awhile - hope to be open by next summer/fall.
Will also offer an Astronomer/Astronomy classes, Art lessons.
$20 top line entree in restaurant - will be affordable
Soil on the roof designed to absorb water to aid in natural tendency of the area to flood. Water hogs will be installed for saving rain water to use for plants.
CONGRATULATIONS to 50/50 and Progressive WINNER Len Kiczek
Beach Clean-up Crew

Pres. Brian and Alexis Tucci thanking guest speaker Kevin Willard, Seton Hall Head Basketball Coach on  10/17/14