Robert W. Shoemaker Jr. Scholarship

selection and disbursement policy 

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Applicant must be sponsored by a member district of the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange Program, Inc.

A recipient cannot be a Rotarian, honorary Rotarian, employee of Rotary nor a member of their family (spouse, lineal descendant or spouse of a lineal descendant), nor anyone who was a member of that group at any time during the 36 months preceding the awarding of the scholarship. Applicant must demonstrate severe economic hardship.


Students who choose to apply for the “Robert W. Shoemaker Jr. Rotary Youth Exchange Scholarship” shall submit the following:

  • Complete the scholarship application (a copy is included at the end of this section) and forward it to their District Chair.
  • Personal essay describing- how they see their role as an ambassador for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, what their exchange means to them personally, their personal and professional goals in life.
  • Letter from parent describing their support for their son’s/daughter’s decision to be a Rotary Youth Exchange Student and the need for economic assistance. Any supporting data that can be provided that further defines economic need will be considered.
  • Letter from sponsor Rotary Club President/YEO defining their support for the scholarship request.


Amount of award will vary depending on availability of funds (actual amount of total award to be determined by the Central States Treasurer), the Scholarship Committee shall have the latitude to determine the distribution of funds among the successful candidates. Award of scholarship and the amount of the scholarship shall be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Scholarship Committee.

Award Match:

It is required that the Sponsor Rotary District/Club will match the amount awarded by the Robert W. Shoemaker Jr. Rotary Youth Exchange Scholarship.


Number of awards will vary depending on availability of funds.

Special Provisions:

In the event the original purpose stated here is no longer appropriate, practical or possible, the funds in the scholarship will be transferred to the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange, Inc. treasury. The Board of Directors can change the provisions and procedures of the Scholarship by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.

Application Deadline:

Scholarship applications and supporting information shall be received by the District Chair NO LATER THAN MARCH 8TH.


Selection and Disbursement:

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of six (6) judges. The judges will be composed of District Chairs, Central States Correspondents, and Central States Staff. Central States Officers will only be involved in the selection process in the event that a selection of five judges cannot be made from the preceding. The six judges will be selected so that they do not represent the applicants’ Central States District or country they will be exchanging to. The sole basis of the judges’ decision will be based on content of the materials presented. The decision of the judges will be final and not subject to appeal.
The selection Committee will be appointed by the Chairman of Central States and will deliberate their decision by use of e-mail. Copies of the correspondence shall be submitted to the Treasurer with the final report. If necessary, a teleconference will be held, if a teleconference is held minutes of the discussion will be kept and forwarded to the Treasurer.
The Treasurer will be responsible for issuing payment to the student through the appropriate District Chair.

Reporting Process:

The Chair of the Selection Committee shall notify the Chair of Central States and forward to the Central States Treasurer a brief report that will include a copy of the student’s scholarship application, the amount of the award and an identification of how the funds will be utilized by the student.

Announcement of Award:

The announcement of the award to the District Chairs, Central States Officers and Staff shall be made by the Chair of Central States. The District Chairs of the applicants will be responsible for notifying the applicants of the determination of the Selection Committee .
[Revised, July 2008]