Rotary Leadership Institute - District 7930
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Peabody
May 6, 2017
Rotary Leadership Institute is a leadership development program of discovery learning, collaboration and the exchange of ideas designed to improve Rotary Clubs and strengthen lives. The program is energized by facilitated learning in the areas of leadership, team building, planning, marketing, communication and organization. It is further enriched through the sharing of experiences and ideas with Rotarians from our District and beyond.

Each session is highly interactive, with a minimum of lecturing, providing lots of opportunity to share and experience ideas. Sessions are led by Rotary leaders who have been trained in facilitation techniques that maximize the discovery learning experience. Most workshops are limited to 10-15 participants who participate in interactive discussion, role playing and problem solving activities.

Course fees are per registrant per day, and cover the cost of breakfast and lunch, meeting space, and learning tools. It is recommended that clubs cover the workshop fee. The District will reimburse clubs for one participant taking a Part I workshop in Peabody.
Why should your club participate? Strong and effective leaders are important to the health and viability of your club. RLI helps Rotarians increase their Rotary knowledge and improve their leadership skills.

Who should attend? RLI recommends that clubs nominate Rotarians with potential for club leadership, not necessarily as future Presidents. Candidates should have a strong interest in Rotary and a desire to be exposed to the larger world of Rotary.

Where are courses held? Courses are held at convenient locations in each RLI service area. Participants can attend a course in any location according to his or her schedule and travel preference. The next workshop in our District will be held in Peabody on May 6, 2017, from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Other easily accessible locations in our area are Wells, ME on March 18, and Lincoln, RI on March 25.

Registration, a full schedule and complete workshop descriptions can be found at

“Action without vision is wasted, and vision without action is just a dream. Action with vision brings hope to the world.” – Luis Vicente Giay, 1996 Rotary Convention, Calgary, Alberta, Canada