If you are not sure, register for the 2017 District Assembly! Not only will we be providing training for secretaries, treasurers, and presidents-elect, we have lots more in store for you. With the successful workshop held in January, it has been decided to run another series of workshops a the Assembly in the areas of membership, public image, and communications & technology. If you missed the first one, and you are interested in increasing your club's success, definitely plan time to attend one or all three of these workshops. Each of these three areas are truly the responsibility of every member, and if we join together and create a well-oiled machine, we will be able to accomplish so much. Learn more here!
In addition, there will be a special Non-profit showcase which will bring together a multitude of organizations focused on the homelessness and hunger issues in our backyards. We are encouraging them to identify professional skills that they need assistance and reach out to Rotarians to fill those roles as volunteers. Our members have a broad range of skills that non-profits often cannot afford and our commitment to service may be the perfect answer. The opportunities will provide a deeper purpose and will make a huge difference in how these organizations move forward. If you would be willing to volunteer, please complete this short survey. We will keep your information confidential and will only use it to let you know if there is a match with one of the non-profits. Of course, you can attend the Showcase and introduce yourself.
So, register and come to the Assembly and learn how you can make Rotary better, in your community and around the world.