District 7930 Rotary Clubs are invited to suggest eligible Rotarians for the District Representative to the Rotary International 2017, 2018 and 2019 Councils on Resolutions and the 2019 Council on Legislation (COL). The term begins July 1, 2017. The COL will convene for the purpose of amending the constitutional documents of Rotary International. The selection shall be made by Club Election at the District 7930 Business meeting procedure as per RI By-Laws.
Any club in the district may suggest a candidate for Representative, but if a club suggests a Rotarian who is a member of a different club, the Rotarian's club must agree in writing for the nomination to be accepted. Clubs must provide a brief (one page suggested) resume indicating their candidate’s background and reason he or she should be selected.
To be eligible, the candidate must be a current member of a club in the District and must have served a full term as District Governor as at July 1 , 2017.
Suggestions must be sent to the District Governor by email to Sherylmeehan@outlook.com or by mail to District Governor Sheryl Meehan, 284 Colonial Road, Lawrence, MA 01843. Only nominations received on or before April 22, 2017 will be considered.
The suggestions shall be submitted in the form of a resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the club naming the suggested candidate. The resolution shall be certified by the club secretary and the submission shall include the signatures of the club president and the club secretary.
Please review the attached document with the full rules, eligibility criteria and other procedures.
If you have any questions please contact District Governor Sheryl Meehan at 978.618.2820 or Sherylmeehan@outlook.com