Posted by David Gardner on Nov 05, 2017
Nominations are being requested for District Governor for the 2020 – 2021 and we need club support to find the best candidates to lead our District. Please consider nominating an individual from your club for one of these positions. Please contact David Gardner via email here!
To read more about this position and their roles and responsibilities, please visit the District Position Description page.
This District Governor leads and supports the clubs in the District by inspiring and motivating them to "Do Good in the World!" All clubs are encouraged to propose suitable candidates who meet the qualifications to serve. One of these requirements is that at the time of taking office, the candidate must have been a past president of a club, completed seven years of membership in one or more clubs, and attend the Governors-elect training seminar and International Assembly in January prior to the year they have been selected to serve.
If you feel that your club has such a leader among your members, one with proven strong leadership skills and decision making, please consider nominating them to help fulfill Rotary's ongoing missions. Nominations are due by November 15, 2017 and the nomination form can be downloaded here!
Applications must be submitted via US Mail or E-mail by November 15, 2017. Please note that the form requires your club secretary to attest that the club is aware of and endorses your application. The candidate should also include a cover letter stating why they are interested in serving as District Governor.