Posted by Amy Luckiewicz on Sep 11, 2017
The Rotary Membership and Public Image Committee, along with District Governor Dave Gardner, are thrilled to announce 22 total mini grants have been approved for the Summer, 2017 term. Membership and Public Image Co-Chair Amy Luckiewicz noted, "We are really thrilled that we can award all of these grants. Clubs got pretty creative with their public image grants this year." Co-Chair Jim Major added, "We also saw a great commitment from the clubs to invest in membership. This is the most amount of membership mini grant applications we've ever had."

Membership Mini Grants were designed to promote "Friendraisers" or social events that promote membership. Clubs could request up to $200 in matching funds or up to $300 if partnering with another Rotary Club. $1,160 has been pre-approved for the following clubs 9 Friendraiser events:
  • Danvers (September 11th event)
  • Burlington (October 3rd event)
  • Reading (October 18th event)
  • Rotaract (September 5th event)
  • Ipswich (September 13th event)
  • Salem (September 19th event)
  • Marblehead Harbor (October 26th event)
  • Burlington Breakfast (September 29th event)
  • Winchester (September 21st event)
Public Image Mini Grants were aimed at raising the public's awareness of individual clubs, Rotary and the Rotary Foundation. Up to $250 in matching funds were available per club. All projects must meet Master Branding standards. The following 13 clubs were pre-approved for their grants, totaling $2769.64 in projected reimbursements from the District:
  • Somerville-custom logo tablecloth/banner
  • TBM-social media ads
  • Cambridge-new road signs
  • Amesbury-reusable shopping bags for handout at a community event
  • Medford-customized signs for a sandwich board
  • Peabody-branded cookies for resale at a community event
  • Manchester-Essex-promotional materials for a membership event
  • Rotaract-membership pins
  • Burlington-direct mailings to new residents
  • Downtown Boston-social media ads
  • Marblehead Harbor-social media ads
  • Winchester-social media ads
  • Wakefield-polio eradication shirts for public event on World Polio Day.
District Governor Dave commented, "We're so happy to invest back into clubs. I hope we have another round of great applications in the Fall." Autumn Public Image and Membership Mini Grants will be available towards the end of September/early October. For more information, contact Amy at