Experience the Magic District 7930 Conference
May 19-20, 2017
Salem, MA
District 7930 Conference is honoring Club Presidents at the Saturday evening dinner gala at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem on May 20. Have you have signed up to support your club and President for this event?
There is dinner and dancing as well as a Parade/Grand Entrance with Each Club President carrying your club flag/banner. Club Awards will be announced as your President is called. Please be there to support the hard work and accomplishments of Your Club during the 2016-2017 year.
Full conference package pricing available as well as A La Carte Options for the entire conference.
Did You Know???
(Taken from 101 Things To Know About Rotary) Most Rotarians have never attended a Rotary District Conference. They have not experienced one of the most enjoyable and rewarding privileges of Rotary membership. A district conference is for all club members and their spouses, not just for club officers and committee members. The purpose of a district conference is for fellowship, good fun, inspirational speakers and discussion of matters which make one’s Rotary membership more meaningful. Every person who attends a district conference finds that being a Rotarian becomes even more rewarding because of the new experiences, insights and acquaintances developed at the conference. Those who attend a conference enjoy going back, year after year.
Every one of Rotary’s more than 530 districts has a conference annually. These meetings are considered so important that the Rotary International President selects a knowledgeable Rotarian as his personal representative to attend and address each conference. The program always includes several outstanding entertainment features, interesting discussions and inspirational programs.
One of the unexpected benefits of attending a district conference is the opportunity to become better acquainted with members of one’s own club in an informal setting. Lasting friendships grow from the fellowship hours at the district conference.
Whether this is your first district conference or you have attended in the past, don't miss this fun filled and service oriented event. Sign up now!