Rotary District 7930
District Managed Grant (DMG)

What is a District Managed Grant?
District Managed Grants (DMGs) support local and international humanitarian service projects. They are funded through a Rotary Foundation Grant awarded to District 7930. The Rotary Foundation derives its funds from contributions from clubs and individuals to The Rotary Foundation. These grants are managed by the District 7930 Foundation Committee and the District Managed Grant Sub­committee. Any questions should be directed to the chairmen of these district committees. Because these grants are administered by the district, and each district sets its own guidelines, it is best not to contact RI with questions and not to try to find answers on the RI web site about Managed Grants. Of course, the RI web site is a rich resource for better understanding of Global Grants and other Foundation programs.
Who can apply?
Rotary clubs from District 7930 who have successfully filed their signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the District Foundation Chairman may apply. The clubs must be in good standing with Rotary International. This includes payment of dues and being current on reporting for previous grants.
What are the requirements of a District Managed Grant?
District Managed Grants may involve only a local Rotary Club OR it may also include a cooperating Rotary club in the project country. Participants are expected to:
  • Maintain communication for the life of the project
  • Establish a committee of at least three Rotarians from the same club to oversee the project
  • Maintain clear and accurate accounting including copies of receipts
All projects must have active Rotarian participation and oversight. Examples of club participation may include:
  • Managing project funds
  • Visiting the project site on an as-needed basis
  • Partner clubs sharing information via correspondence
  •  Partner clubs sharing expertise
  •  Purchasing, shipping, or distributing items purchased
  •  Publicizing the project to your club members, local media, and within the district
What projects are eligible for a District Managed Grant?
District Managed Grants fund humanitarian projects that benefit a community need. In District 7930, DMGs must fall into one of the 6 Areas of Focus, as outlined by the Rotary Foundation. Many projects fall within this broad scope; however, certain items/activities are not funded through the program. In all cases projects must meet Rotary International and District 7930 Managed Grant guidelines. The general criteria are as follows:
General Criteria
Rotary Foundation District Grants support a wide variety of humanitarian and educational activities in local communities and abroad. All projects and activities funded by these grants must:
  1. Relate to the mission of The Rotary Foundation;
  2. Include the active participation of Rotarians;
  3. Exclude any liability to The Rotary Foundation or Rotary International except for the funding amount of the grant;
  4. Adhere to the governing laws of the United States and the country where the activity is taking place and not harm individuals or entities;
  5. Only fund activities that have been reviewed and approved before their implementation; Grants will not be approved to reimburse clubs or districts for projects already completed or in progress. Planning for grant activities ahead of approval is allowed and encouraged, but expenses may not be incurred before funds are received from the District;
  6. Demonstrate sensitivity toward another country’s / geographic area’s tradition and culture if grant activities will take place outside the applicants country/geographic area;
  7. Comply with the Conflict of Interest Policy for Grant Participants as outlined in section 7.030 of The Rotary Foundation Code of Policies;
  8. Comply with the policy regarding the proper use of Rotary Marks as outlined in section 1.050.2 of The Rotary Foundation Code of Policies;
  9. Support local and international humanitarian and service projects relating to the mission of the Rotary Foundation; and,
  10. May fund projects and activities in Rotary and non-Rotary countries and geographic areas where permitted by applicable governing laws and in accordance with Foundation policies.
Eligibility Criteria
In addition to the general criteria for Rotary Foundation District Managed Grants, specific allowable activities have been identified. They are:
  1. Construction of infrastructure limited to toilet blocks and sanitation systems, access roads, dams, bridges, storage units, fences and security systems, water/irrigation systems, and greenhouses;
  2. Renovation, repair, and refurbishment of structures that are currently occupied or operational in which individuals live, work, or spend a significant amount of time, which may include the provision of new services or upgrade of utilities (i.e., electrical, plumbing, and heating), repair of roofs, additions to existing schools or hospitals, elevators, and renovation of bathrooms;
  3. Purchase and distribution of contraceptives for use in disease prevention and maternal health projects;
  4. Direct costs, fees, contracted labor costs, stipends, or honorariums related to project implementation;
  5. Activities involving vaccines and immunizations that are consistent with the best practices described by the PolioPlus program and the World Health Organization.
  6. International travel for project planning and direct service (separate application form); and,
  7. The removal of land mines in cooperation with an experienced partner organization (Rotarians may not personally participate in the physical removal of land mines).
What are the funding limits?
District 7930 clubs may request up to $3,000 for local projects (minimum request is $1,000) and up to $5,000 for international projects (minimum request is $2,500). The District Foundation Grants Committee matches $1 for every $1 of cash contributions from clubs. Individual Rotarians may request up to $1,000 for travel for a humanitarian project or National Immunization Day project, using separate travel application form. Rotarians must provide proof that tickets for travel have been purchased in order to receive reimbursement for up to 50% of the total travel cost (up to $1,000).
How to Apply
Applicants must complete a District Managed Grant Application (this document) and submit it to the District Grants Subcommittee. Applications accepted from July 1 to July 31, 2016.
NOTE: Applications must be typed, not handwritten, and submitted via email as a word document or as a PDF. Original signatures are not required. Copies are acceptable. No more than 5 supplemental pages will be accepted. Please be concise.
What are the reporting requirements?
The project must be completed within the Rotary year in which the grant is awarded. The Final Report is due within two months of the completion of the project and no later than June 1, 2015. Reports must be submitted on the report form provided on the district web site. Final reports must include financial records, receipts for all expenditures and must total the FULL AMOUNT of the project budget approved in the application. If there are unspent funds, they must be returned to the district. The club’s share of the project funds must be spent first before district monies are used. If there are significant changes in the budget or other aspects of the project, contact the District Managed Grants Chair immediately.
Project participants must be up-to-date on reporting for previous projects, as failure to do so will result in all new applications being rejected.
Complete applications should be sent to:
Laurene Wenzel, Chair, District 7930, District Managed Grants