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This website is dedicated to all supporters of this important project and informs them about the current developments and achievements. It will be updated periodically.

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On recommendation of Rotarians Birgit and Dr. Hans F. Flender of RC Zimbali the Children's Education Program was launched in October 2011 in order to enable underprivileged pupils to complete school. The couple took over the responsibility of organising the financing for the project, implementing the bursaries at public schools, and controlling expenditure. 

The initial fund raising takes place in Germany. Various Rotary Clubs and private donors who were approached by our Rotarians, support the project by transferring money into the project-related account of "Hilfswerk (=society) Rotary Club Zimbali", Düsseldorf. This is an organisation specially established by B. & H. Flender and is approved by the German tax office and is entitled to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations to charity. The Rotary Club of Zimbali has also opened a special bank account in South Africa. The total amount of the money raised is used for the schools/learners as all administration costs are covered by the two initiators of the project. 

Rotary Club Zimbali exclusively sponsors learners (orphans, abandoned children, disabled and/or unemployed parents, etc.) of public schools in grade 10 - 12 who cannot financially afford to attend school any longer even though they show outstanding results. 

The schools submitted application forms of proposed learners who - after being interviewed by our Rotarians at school - were approved by the Rotary Club's Community Service Committee. Scholarships are awarded for three years. The rights and obligations between the different schools and Rotary Club Zimbali/Hilfswerk are laid down in separate contracts.

A well-balanced selection of children (girls and boys, names are listed in the attached docu¬ment) in terms of ethnic majorities / minorities (Black, Coloured, Indian, White) is supported. 

Up to now 7 German Rotary Clubs support the project by significant donations (see photos). 
Besides private donors up to now the following German Rotary Clubs support the project:

Rotary Clubs of Düsseldorf, Höxter, Meerbusch, Meerbusch-Büderich, Mönchengladbach, Mönchengladbach-Niers, Neuss, Willich;

Updated report on the
of the Rotary Club of Zimbali

The programme was launched by us commencing on 01/01/2012. A total sum of approx.
1,000,000 ZAR (incl. money for the years to come) will be available. We have structured the programme in SECTIONS:

SECTION I  (01/01/2012 - 31/12/2014) comprises 31 pupils of together 4 schools 
SECTION II (01/01/2013 - 31/12/2015) comprises 18 pupils of together 4 schools 

Our total commitments sum up to now: 470,000 ZAR (SECTION I and II) and 49 pupils.

Due to the current exchange rate ZAR/€, further donations, and the fact that Groutville School does no longer participate in the programme we are able to set up 

SECTION III (01/01/2014 - 31/12/2016): available 200,000 ZAR

Belverton, Lenerea, and Nkosibomvu High School will profit from the programme. We offer bursaries for another 17 pupils:

Belverton School: 7 pupils, Lenerea School: for 5 pupils, Nkosibomvu School: 5 pupils

SECTION I will be terminated by 31/12/2014; we trust that at least 50 % of the Rotary Clubs / private donors related to SECTION I will extend their commitments for another 3 three years. That will allow us to invest approximately another 300,000 ZAR in the programme and open

SECTION IV (01/01/2015 - 31/12/2017) which then will comprise another 18 - 20 pupils.

Rotary Club of Zimbali will then have invested at least a total sum of 1,000,000 ZAR and supported around 84 - 86 pupils for three years each. In case there are additional donations the number of supported pupils will be extended.

We acknowledge the cooperation of the involved schools / teachers in the past as well as of the former school inspector B.U. Singh, appointed responsible contact person within Rotary Club of Zimbali. At regular intervals we together visit the involved schools, which - according to the contracts/budgets - regularly submit statements of accounts / receipts and reports of the pupils. Control of the donated money is therefore ensured. In particular we are proud of the fact that at our instigation at all schools extra tuitions in English and Science not only for the supported learners could be established.

Furthermore two Rotary Interact Clubs at Lenerea and Belverton High Scholl could be established; this will successfully link the schools with the ideas of Rotary. Rotary Club of Zimbali also offers assistance to the pupils after having finished school and thinks of setting up an incentive by granting a contribution for a bursary for University for the best pupils participating in the different sections of the programmes.

Ballito, Düsseldorf in November 2013 

Birgit + Hans F. Flender