Posted by Barry Downs on Aug 31, 2013
All Rotarians of District 9370 can login to the "Member Area" section of the web.

To acquire or re-set your personal D9370 ClubRunner Login Name and Password:-

  1. click on the "Member Login" link near the top right of the D9370 home page
  2. then click on "New user?". Alternatively, click on "Forgot login name?" or "Forgot password?".
  3. select your club from the drop down list
  4. enter your surname and your email address, and then
  5. click on the "Submit" button.

So long as CR recognises you, you will see a message "Your member profile was successfully located. An email has been sent to your address above with instructions on retrieving your login name and resetting your password." (If you don’t see that message, then you should ask your club secretary (or president or treasurer or executive secretary) to make sure that your name and email address are recorded correctly in your ClubRunner profile.

A time-limited link will be sent to the email address recorded in your CR profile. You should click on that link (or copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar). You will be shown your D9370 Login Name (note capitalisation, punctuation etc), and can then set your password. Please make a note of your D9370 Login Name as well as your chosen Password - they are quite distinct from those used for RI's "My Rotary".

Once you login you will have access to the "Member Area", where you will be able to update your own profile, download Club and District Directories, communicate with other D9370 Rotarians. And depending upon your position in your Club and in the District, there will be other things you can do.

When you update your own profile, don't forget to provide a suitable head-and-shoulders photo - for the edification of those who don't know you and the entertainment of those who do.