Posted by Barry Downs on Jan 12, 2019

Has your club recorded the names of its board members for 2019-20 on this, the D9370 ClubRunner web? For those clubs which have not yet done so, please be aware that this needs to be done as soon as possible - in fact it should already have been done!

Even if your club's new board is not yet finalised please, at the very least, record the names of your incoming President and Secretary.

Current club executives (Presidents, PEs, Secretaries, Treasurers and Executive Secretaries) are reminded that all such updating must be done in the Member Area of this ClubRunner web, and NOT in RI's MyRotary - just the same as the regular updating of new, existing and past members.

Please bring this to your club President's and Secretary's attention - in case they don't see this notice.

Please note carefully when defining club executives - the item labelled "Title" does NOT mean you should enter "Mr", "Dr" "Mrs" etc as some clubs have mistakenly done. Instead, it refers to the member's title in the club. In many cases this will be exactly the same as the member's "Position" - that is "President", "Secretary" and so on, and should be entered as such.  It is left to each club to enter whatever "Title" they wish to use for each board member. It is important for Club and District reporting purposes that these titles be meaningful.

Please check that your club has interpreted the term "Title" correctly and make any necessary changes. We will be discussing this ambiguity with ClubRunner and asking them to look into the matter.

For the benefit of those clubs who have not yet defined their boards for 2019-20, you may wish to utilise CR's special function "Carry over Executive and Director Positions to the Next Year" - to be found near the bottom of the Define Club Executives page. This will carry over only the current year's titles and positions, not the incumbents' names. The latter, together with any new positions, should then be entered.