Dear Rotarians:
Welcome to a new year in the Rotary calendar.  I am so looking forward to the upcoming year and working with each one of you to make our theme of the year a reality focusing on "ROTARY SERVING HUMANITY".
Our district is thriving with tremendous talents of experienced and new Rotarians who are making a difference within our communities and around the world.
I always ask myself and others why we are Rotarians. The overwhelming answer I have received is SERVICE.  We are here to serve others. When I hear the theme “Rotary serving humanity” I see us serving the world near and far, from serving our next door neighborhoods to serving those in faraway places that we may never meet. 
During this coming year my goal is to focus on club rejuvenation, our youth programs, and celebrating our accomplishments.
We need to remind ourselves why we are Rotarians and reignite that spark that started us in Rotary or expand that spark and spread it to others around us, including prospective Rotarians. Our success should be measured by how much and how well we serve. I want us as a district to celebrate and acknowledge the amount and level of service provided by our members and clubs. We need to honor those who volunteer with their time as well as honoring those who make financial contributions. To that end the district will be instituting a mechanism to collect volunteer hours from clubs of both general club effort and individual members’ efforts in delivering a service project.  The outcome of this initiative will be three fold; honoring individual Rotarians and clubs, quantifying the level of effort we expend as Rotarians in serving humanity, and to propagate Rotary and Rotary service to our communities.
We need to initiate and expand more community-based Rotaract clubs. Young professionals in Rotaract are the future of Rotary since most of them are budding Rotarians more than willing to join our clubs once they turn 30. These young professionals are also key to welcome into the Rotary family members from university-based Rotaract clubs who intend to stay in our District and are looking to pursue their Rotaract commitment once they’re done with their degree. We live in communities with hundreds and hundreds of high schools within our district boundaries. It is imperative for us to explore possibilities to start new Interact clubs. My vision is for us to start on a campaign to build up our Interact clubs to match the number of Rotary clubs we have in our district within the next five years. Our district is blessed with a strong and vibrant Youth Exchange program. And yet we can do much more. My goal is to double the number of clubs participating in Youth Exchange within the next three years. And I would be remiss if I did not talk about the wonderful Rotary youth leadership program, RYLA. I have been involved with RYLAs in the Southern United States and Atlantic Canada for years and I see the impact of this magnificent program on youth leaders. We need to encourage one another to select and send a student to our district RYLA every year. 
This year our District Conference will be held on October 28-29 in beautiful Ottawa. It will be a unique and exciting conference to celebrate, network and connect. Please save the date. The Ottawa region is fabulous during the fall season. We are celebrating 100 years of Rotary in Ottawa. Our Mayor and council are 100% supportive and excited about having the District Conference in Ottawa.  So register now. Come just for the conference or make a vacation out of it with your loved ones. The Rotary Clubs of the national capital region and the organizing committee look forward to hosting you. Let’s make it the best celebration possible.

The success of all this is dependent on all of us taking part in Rotary Serving Humanity. Are you ready?  I can’t wait to start this journey with you.
Peace always
DG Nabil