Since December 2022, our Rotary District 7410 has sent over $13,000 in donations from fellow Rotarians and non Rotarians to the Warsaw City Poland Rotary in support of this effort.
This is a wonderful update on the efforts by the Warsaw City Poland Rotary Club in providing humanitarian relief to Ukrainian refugees.  This club is also a participant in the Global Grant that our District and Clubs are participating in to get water treatment equipment to Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
Dear Rotarians, Dear Friends,
Many people around the world have become accustomed to the fact that Russia's war in Ukraine is still ongoing. In the beginning the help was coming from all over the world. Unfortunately, the war continues, and the needs are still there, but there is much less support at the moment.
However, the Warsaw City Rotary Club, like many Rotary clubs around the world, has not forgotten about this cruel war.  We continue to help all the time.
On December 9, 2023, during our traditional, this time already 27th Rotary Christmas Tree Gala, we will be raising funds for this help.
We are currently planning and implementing the following major projects:

1. Humanitarian aid for kindergartens in Kryvyi Rih (we buy and deliver oil heaters, bed linen, towels, and toys for them). We are just now sending kits for 12 kindergartens. A set for one kindergarten with 60 children (8 oil heaters, 60 bed linen, 120 towels and games and toys) is worth around € 1,500. Planned timing: December 2023

2. Business education program for Ukrainian refugee women in Poland for about 45 women – stage II – lasting about two weeks: Program value: € 15,000. Planned timing: January/February 2024.
3. Logistics and transportation cost to deliver water purification units to Zaporozhe. Goods provided by Global Grant – our club covers cost of freight circa € 5,000.
4. Additional scholarships for Ukrainian pathologists in Warsaw and Vienna. 3 scholarships amounting € 13,000.
Thank you for your support.
Yuksel Caglar
RC Warszawa City, President 2023-2024
Andrzej Ludek, PDG
Chair of Club Committee “Help for Ukraine”
RC Warszawa City, Vice-president 2023-2024

Mieczyslaw Maciążek
RC Warszawa City, Vice-president 2023-2024