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The story has been told many times that Paul Harris founded Rotary because he was lonely and wanted to find the same warm feelings of friendship that he experi-enced in his hometown when he was growing up.

Friendship and a sense of belonging are a big part of what Rotary is all about. For years we have welcomed individuals to be a part of the Rotary family. In our con-stant quest for new members, it may be a good time to look at the spouses and friends of our members as po-tential new Rotarians.

We all know it’s difficult to engage the thirty-somethings and the forty-somethings to join Rotary be-cause they have so many commitments with their chil-dren right now. So, why not look at empty nesters in your club whose spouse or friends may now be free to become a Rotarian. Couples joining Rotary, and spouses and friends of current Rotarians, are a slowly emerging group of new Rotarians.

So think about inviting your spouse, adult children, friends, neighbors and more to your next Rotary meet-ing. It’s a nice time out, a breakfast, lunch or dinner is often included, and it’s a great time to enjoy the com-pany of your Rotary friends---together.