Posted by Kelly Giovanine on Mar 15, 2019
Two Quad Cities Rotary presidents took to 'desperate' measures to raise funds for good causes.  Without prior notice, Rock Island Rotary President Sue Cassatt and Moline Rotary President Kelly Giovanine orchestrated a 'hostile takeover' of each other's Clubs.  The Club's president would only regain 'power' if the Club met fundraising goals. 
On Monday, February 26, Sue Cassatt surprised Moline Rotary by leading their meeting.  While Club members seemed to have a tough time deciding whether they'd rather pay to get President Kelly back or pay Rock Island to keep her, they managed to raise over $250 for their Literacy Fund. 
At first lagging behind Moline's donations, Rock Island Rotary refused to be outdone with a challenge and dug deep into their wallets to raise $400 for Rotary's Polio Fund. 
Pictured is Kelly Giovanine explaining the details of the hostile takeover to a surprised and confused Rock Island Rotary Club Tuesday, February 25.  Note President Sue Cassatt is pictured on the monitor.