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Steve Kuhn inducted as '17-18' District 6420 Governor
DG Scott Shore transfers the Governor duties to DGE Steve Kuhn at Steve's induction ceremony held in Dekalb on Sunday,  June 25th. 
District 6420 Governor's July Address



A new Rotary year and a new RI President Ian Riseley and I as District Governor.   I want to thank PDG & Immediate Past District Governor Scott Shore for his commitment and endeavors.   Rotary’s motto this year is “Rotary Making A Difference”.   You Rotarians are Rotary and you all are making the difference.  I want to emphasize that Rotary International and District 6420 are here to help you and your clubs to be the best they can be.  Rotary starts at the club level and not at the top.  I am starting my club visits soon.   The Rotary Club of Peru is the first lucky club on July 7.  This is followed by visits to DeKalb, Kishwaukee Sunrise, Rochelle, North Winnebago, Belvidere the following week. 

A few new things I want to announce are two of RI President Ian Riseley goals.  He is an Australian and an accountant.  He likes numbers to validate what we are doing.  He is also very interested in the environment.   His goals are for the clubs to plant a tree for each one of the its members between now and Arbor Day next year April 27, 2018.  His second goal is for all the clubs to report on how many service hours its members provide and how much funding they provide for humanitarian purposes.   In June 2017, he would like to announce to world the true impact that Rotary has on the world and quantitate it with numbers. 

Polio remains a threat to the health of the world, and while we are so ever close to seeing the last case, it will be more years before declared a polio free world.  RI has pledge $50 million a year over the next three years aided by a matching 2:1 dollar donation from the Bill Gates Foundation.  An estimated $1.5 billion is needed in the next three years.  To date governments, individuals, and foundations have pledge $1.2 billion.  The last mile is always the hardest to run

A new area of interest by RI is Human Trafficking.  This subject received as much exposure in Atlanta at the RI Convention as End Polio.  I have appointed Toni Lucas the chair of an ad hoc committee to see what the district can do to help in the process of getting the estimated 46 million people enslaved in sex trafficking or labor exploitation freed.  Contact Toni at if you are interested in serving on this committee. 

Read about Foundation and Grants.  Kudos to Ruth Lee for coming up with another 6K Foundation funds. 

Steve Kuhn District Governor 2017-2018    





From the Editor
Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the first edition of the '17-'18 newsletter.  I wanted to take just a few moments and give you some insight into our goals for this year newsletter.
Each month there will be 2 newsletters.  The first will arrive the first week of the month and contain District news including your Governor's Address, Committee articles, RI news, along with time sensitive news from clubs.
The second newsletter of the month will arrive around the 20th of the month and will contain a special section where will be spotlighting a different area and the clubs in the area. With ten areas we will be able to spotlight every club in our district each year.  This newsletter will also contain articles and events from the district clubs, tips for your clubs, and more. 
If you club is hosting an event or fundraiser you'd like to be promoted through out the district please send us the information.
How to send information for the newsletters.
All information needs to be sent to:          (yes   not gmail)
Pictures please send in jpeg format.
Deadlines:   for the first newsletter  will be  the 1st of each month
                  for the second newsletter will be the  15th of each month
If you have any suggestions or ideas for the newsletter please forward.  We want this to be your newsletter.
Looking forward to a great year!
Colene Vivian
Record 21 Clubs in District 6420 applied for Community Grant
A record of 21 Clubs in District 6420 applied for Community Grant funding for local projects.  The District Community Grant Committee met on Saturday, June 24, to review the applications and the committee found them all worthwhile and meeting all requirements for funds.  A total of $34,366 was awarded to these clubs:
Dixon, East Moline Silvas, Henry, Kishwaukee, Morrison, Mt. Carroll, Ottawa Noon, Ottawa Sunrise, Putnam County, River Cities, Rochelle, Rock Falls, Rock Island, Rockford, Rockford East Cherry Valley, Savanna, Sterling, Sycamore, Toluca, Twin Cities Sunrise, Walnut.  These projects will all be completed during the 2017-18 Rotary



After a few years of decline, it is my pleasure to report that Foundation giving is continuing to rise in our District.  This means that we are truly doing good in the world, including right here in our own communities.


The month is not quite complete so what Im providing are not final numbers for 2016-17, but they are very close since Im writing this on June 27.  42 of our 48 clubs entered goals for Annual Fund and PolioPlus.  The clubscombined goals for PolioPlus totaled $42,522.  To date, $34,947 has been given, somewhat lower than last year.  However, with the Districts commitment of an additional $12,873 from the global side of our District Designated Fund, the total rises to $47,820.  Im still hoping that some late donations will increase our total from the clubs.  Overall, however, a job well done.


The Annual Fund has a huge impact both locally and internationally.  As of this date, our clubsAnnual Fund giving total is $166,288, compared with the clubscombined goal of $126,328.  Fantastic!  We are very close to Rotary Internationals benchmark goal for us of $175,500 (based on an average of $100/member and 1,755 members as of July 1, 2016).   As your District Foundation Committee Chair, I am tremendously gratified by the commitment Rotarians in District 6420 have made to The Rotary Foundation.


In 2017-18, we will focus on encouraging every club to develop a strategic plan for foundation giving.  Im going to brag a bit about my own Rock Island club.  They are developing a plan that includes setting objectives, identifying action steps to achieve the objectives, identifying measures of success, who is responsible, timeline, and progress.  Objectives include working toward an objective of 100% annual participation by club members.  Additional objectives could include increasing the number of Paul Harris Fellows, Paul Harris Society members, Benefactors, and Bequest Society Members. I encourage each club to engage in a similar review and develop your own plan as you look to a bright future.  An aside - we have one club with 100% participation.  The Savanna club under the leadership of Ann Murphy made this commitment a few years back, and has held strong to that commitment.  Thanks Savanna, and thanks Ann!


As we begin this new year, please consider having at least two programs focused on your Rotary Foundation.  In addition, World Polio Day is fast approaching on October 24.  Plan some activity within your club and community that focuses on polio eradication and shines a spotlight on Rotarys remarkable accomplishments.  Last year, the clubs in Sterling and Rock Falls partnered for a combined walk in that area.  What a great opportunity for members of these two clubs to get together, do something fun, wear their polio t-shirts, and be visible in their communities!  Plan now for what you can do on or about October 24.


The annual Foundation Dinner will be held this year on November 4.  Mark your calendars.  More information coming soon, and we hope to see all of you there.


Members of the Districts Foundation committee are willing and able to provide programs for your club meetings.  Dont hesitate to invite us.


I thank you for all the support you generously provide to The Rotary Foundation, its global programs, and our own clubsglobal and local programs.  It is my pleasure to be working with you again to accomplish even more in 2017-18!



Update Rotary logos and theme.
Reminder to all clubs of District 6420...
As we close out the year of '16-'17 and begin '17-'18  be sure and take a moment
to make sure your websites, Facebook pages, Club Central, Clubrunner, and any other social media or marketing material has the correct Rotary logo and theme.
The new logo and theme can be downloaded from Brand Center in My Rotary of Rotary International.
Clarification of Policy
At the June meeting of the Rotary International Board of Directors acted on substantial clarification on its firearms policy.  The policy now allows clubs and districts to hold gun raffles and sponsor gun shows, as long as no club or district ever takes ownership of the weapons and all transfers of the firearms are conducted by licensed third parties.  The policy does not prohibit sponsorship by companies that manufacture or sell guns.
The policy also provides guidance on the depiction of weapons with Rotary Marks.  Specifically, the Rotary Marks may not be show along with images of guns or other weapons.  It would not prohibit the incidental appearance of a gun or weapon, for example, in a photo of a police officer being honored at a club function.
The full policy can be read and obtained at the official RI website My Rotary.  If you have any questions concerning this issue please contact your District Governor. 
What is Rotary?
What is Rotary?
I get asked this all the time and you probably do as well.  Do you have an answer?  It may be different for each of us but each of us should have an answer.
The answer may be referred to as our “Elevator Speech”.
Imagine you enter an elevator and are wearing your Rotary pin. One of your fellow passengers asked what the pin is or what Rotary is……you have a very limited amount of time to answer….be ready.
How do you respond?
Rotary is the best decision I ever made….
Rotary saves lives…
Rotary is a service organization….
However you respond be sure you can make an impression before your fellow traveler arrives at their floor and disembarks.
You will probably want to mention that we have over 1.2 million members worldwide.  We’re in nearly every country on earth.  There are over 35,000 clubs. We are both men and women.
We serve our communities and the world.  Are they interested in serving?
Our #1 project for the past 30+ years has been to eliminate Polio from the face of the earth.  30+ years ago there were nearly 1000 new cases each day and thus far this year we’ve seen only 5. The only other disease ever eradicated from our world was small pox.  There have been no new cases in the USA since 1979.  Older Americans remember the polio epidemics and quarantines.
We in Rotary have 6 areas of focus and each club works within those areas and some choose to direct their efforts to one or two instead of all.
          ·   Peace and conflict prevention/resolution.
          ·   Disease prevention and treatment.
          ·   Water and sanitation.
          ·   Maternal and child health.
          ·   Basic education and literacy.
          ·   Economic and community development.
Locally we have dictionary projects, reading programs, community betterment projects, whatever our area needs.  (ADD THOSE PROJECTS THAT YOU CLUB HAS DONE OR IS DOING). 
Know what your club is doing.  Know what your club has done.  If you don’t know what has transpired in the past, ask members who have been around a while.  You may be surprised yourself of all the YOUR Rotary club has done.  Be proud.  Your community wouldn’t be the same without your Rotary club.
Do you have an elevator speech? 
You should.  Please think about it and create one.  There are hundreds of answers.  Find one that you are comfortable with, practice it and be ready.
We’ve been around for 112 years and have made an impact in our communities and around the world.  Let’s let people know.
By the way, wear your Rotary pin.  If you have lost it ask your president for another one.  If he or she doesn’t have one ask me, I’ll find one for you.
Jim Nelson
PDG 2015-16
Negril Rotary Scholarship Programme
Rotary Club of Negril, Jamaica
Student Scholarship Fund
The Rotary Club of Negril Student Scholarship Fund started with 1 student in 1 school in 2005 and now serves 17 students in 9 schools in Negril, Jamaica with the opportunity for the students to obtain an education that they might not otherwise have.
The students at risk are identified by the schools.  Their parents are asked to provide some financial support.  Members of the Rotary Club of Negril track the progress of each student.
In 2004 a Moline, Illinois Rotarian visiting the Rotary Club of Negril was informed of the need for a Student Scholarship Fund for their at risk students.
In 2005 a conversation about the Student Scholarship Fund between the Moline Rotarian and a couple from Boston, who were Kiwanis members, lead them to contribute $50 to be taken to the Rotary Club of Negril.  The Moline Rotarian, not wanting to be outdone by a Kiwanian, matched the $50 contribution for a total of $100.  That was the start of the Student Scholarship Fund.
Over the next 10 years contributions to the Student Scholarship Fund ranged from $100 to $2,000 a year by Moline Rotary and/or individual Rotarians.  The contributions were not increasing fast enough to match the needs and they were not consistent from year to year which made long range planning difficult.
Needing to generate additional and more consistent funding, in 2016 the Rotary Club of Negril established the Negril Rotary Foundation Fund, a Donor Advised Fund through the Rotary Foundation, with contributions from their Rotary Club as well as individual Rotarians.  The fund was initially established at $10,000 with an anticipated annual withdrawal of 10% a year.
To date, the Student Scholarship Fund has been used to provide uniforms, shoes, books, lunches, etc. for students in preschool, grade school, and middle school with costs ranging from $100 to $250 a year.
Some of the students who were 4 years old 10 years ago are now 14 years old and approaching higher education costs with high school costs of $1,000 to $1,250 a year.  Eventually there will be a need for Community College costs of $1,000 to $1,500 a year or College costs of $3,000 to $6,000 a year.
The Rotary Club of Negril hopes to increase the Negril Rotary Foundation Fund in order to provide continuing educational opportunities for the students of Negril, Jamaica for years to come as they progress on their educational journey.
Please visit the “Rotary Club of Negril Facebook” page for more information about the Negril Rotary Foundation Funds Mission Statement, History, Challenges, Going Forward, and Personal Stories & Photos.
To make a tax-deductible contribution to the “Negril Rotary Foundation Fund” Account Number 553, please visit the Rotary Foundation website at
The Students of Negril, Jamaica Thank You!
Dave Pearson
Twin Rivers Rotary After Hours
Fresh back from an amazing Rotary International Convention experience in Atlanta, many are considering the possibility of attending next year's event, in TORONTO June 23-27, 2018! .... And it's even CLOSER THAN ATLANTA!  Just 600 miles away, we have the opportunity to connect with over 30,000 Rotarians from 200 countries and cultures, celebrating Rotary's successes and learning about new challenges and new approaches that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our communities and our world!  NOW IS THE TIME to register for earlybird savings!  CLICK HERE to save $150 on early registration --and for more info about the Toronto Convention!  For further info contact  RICPIC (Rotary International Convention Promotion and Information Chair) and soon-to-be-PDG Scott Shore!
Bulletin Editor
Colene Vivian
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