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District Award Nominations Deadline Almost Here!
Time for District Award Nominations!
Deadline is March 31, 2018
Head over to the District Website and get those nominations in!
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                  Public Image Achievement Award
                   Club Officer of the Year
Get those nominations in and share what wonderful Rotarians you have in your club!
February District Governor's Message



FEBUARY 23, 1905


Whether it was the noted Greek philosopher Plato or the more recent Spanish born American philosopher/novelist George Santayana who stated “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” conflict continues to be a plague on the planet.   February is Rotary Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month.  In September of 1914, the Rotary Club of Minneapolis sent a peace proposal to the International Association of Rotary Clubs, suggesting that all Rotary clubs become peace advocates in their communities.   There were 49 Rotarians at the UN Conference in San Francisco in 1945 when the present United Nations was established.  Rotary International continues to hold observer status at the UN.  RI President Ian Riseley is holding peace conferences world wide to reinforce our commitment to be ambassadors of peace.  On June 2nd, there will be a Presidential Peacebuilding Conference in Chicago.   For more information log onto My Rotary. 

February is a busy time for clubs and the district getting ready for training events, International and District Conferences, and Rotary youth outbound orientations.  RI dues have come out. The Rotary Clubs of Geneseo and Loves Park were number 1 & 2 to get their payments into RI.  Kudos to them.   Foundation is encouraging the clubs to meet their goals.  Polio Plus is still off its goal and I encourage all of you who have not donated to this singular major Rotary effort to do so.  Remember the 2:1 matching dollars donated by the Bill Gates Foundation.  Dave McCully, the new District Membership Chair is promoting an aggressive member recruitment plan with the clubs.  Not only is it bringing in new members but retaining the ones we already have.  Let us strive to stop the membership drain and end the year at 1750 members!


The end of January I went out and presented the Savanna Rotary Club their Foundation banner for 100% member donor recognition for 2016-2017.  They are already set up to receive a similar banner for 2017-2018.  Savanna is the only club in District 6420 to be so honored.  I ask you, can your club receive this recognition.  With the break in the weather, I will be out visiting clubs to participate in special activities and give district support to their leadership.



***Save the date.  April 28th will be my District Conference at Faranda’s in DeKalb.  The day prior, Friday,  will be dedicated to strategic planning with the district leadership.  Saturday will be a fully packed event starting at 7:00 am with buffet breakfast and program starting at 8:30 am and running to about 9:00 pm that evening.  A one day conference event is planned. Registration opening mid to late February.  For those who want to stay over or come early low cost housing has been secured at the Red Roof Inn in DeKalb.  More information will be forthcoming soon. 


***Special note.. PDG Shannon Scheffel has been appointed Zone 28 Regional Coordinator for 2018-2020.   She deserves a pat on the back for her continued dedicated work to Rotary.***


***Another special note..Districts 6420, 6440, 6450 are sponsoring an Empower Leaders Seminar on April 14th at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines.  For more information contact DGN Bobbi Burke or go to the website WWW.empowerleadersbyrotary.com  Juliet Riseley, the First Lady of Rotary International will be one of three highly talented speakers.*** 

New Paul Harris Fellow Award Recipient
Ed Bochniak is pictured receiving his Paul Harris Fellow award from Savanna Club President Bryan McCaskey.
Rotarians donate funds to the Rotary Foundation which makes a huge impact both locally and internationally.
The Paul Harris Fellowship is names for Paul Harris, who founded Rotary with three business associates in Chicago in 1905. The Fellowship was established in his honor in 1957 to express appreciation for a contribution of US$1000 to the humanitarian and educational programs of the Rotary Foundation. Those programs include an array of projects that save and invigorate the lives of people around the world and enhance international friendship and understanding. Foundation programs provide educational opportunities, food, potable water, health care, immunization and shelter for millions of persons. These activities are funded, implemented and managed by Rotarian and Rotary clubs around the globe. We move closer to a more peaceful world today as Ed Bochniak becomes a Paul Harris Fellow.

71st District Representative Visited Rotary Club of Savanna
71st District Representative Tony McCombie speaks to the Rotary Club of Savanna about the highlights for first year in office.
Pictured with Tony is Rotary Club of Savanna president Bryan McCaskey. 
News From Our Foundation




A big thank you from your district foundation team for keeping the importance of support for our Rotary Foundation on the front burner.  At the end of January, we were just over 58% of the way through the Rotary year.  Our Annual Fund giving was at 63.2% of goal, and giving to Polio Plus was at 72.0% of goal!  Thank you!


Our challenge for this year is to equal last years terrific giving level (2016-17).  Yes, I realize it was the year for celebrating the establishment of The Rotary Foundation so there was a bit of a extra push.  We handily contributed $177,651, an increase of over $41,000 from 2015-16.  That shows we can do it if we make the commitment.  The clubs that submitted goals (5 did not) established an internal district goal of $126,382.  The year prior, the clubs combined goal was $128,888 (7 clubs didnt submit a goal) which was exceeded by $8,000. 


I believe we set our sights too low.  Whether we are supporting humanitarian projects locally, internationally, or (I hope) both, every life we improve improves the world for all of us.  If we use 1,700 as our district membership number and we support the Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) target, we should be raising at least $170,000 for the Annual Fund.  Support Polio Plus, of course, and set your sights on $125 as a minimum per year.  Using 1,700 members, that extra $25 would generate $42,500, an amount we contributed in 2014-15 so we know it can be done.  By the way, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation turns our $42,500 into $127,500 - not a bad return on investment, I would say.


We have just under five months remaining in this year (remember to have your contributions submitted by June 15, if possible, so were sure they are counted in this years giving - our fiscal year ends June 30 and data input can take a bit of time, particularly since some individuals/clubs wait until the last minute to submit contributions).  Lets set our goal to contribute a minimum of $11,500/month through June to meet the clubscollective goal, and see how close we can come to $25,000 a month for four months so we can match last years giving.  A stretch - probably - but who ever wins the race by saying, It cant be done? 


Consider whether it is time for you to become a Major Donor (Level I is cumulative Annual Fund giving of $10,000, Level II is $25,000, and we can go on from there).  Your contribution will be recognized appropriately, but more importantly, you will personally benefit from knowing your investment is making our world a better place.  A few Major Donors, and we have the job done!  Think about it.


The Rotary Foundation is the lifeblood of Rotary International, and we as committed Rotarians are the lifeblood of the Foundation.  With a team effort, we can reach our goals and help make up for my broken heart caused by the failure of my Minnesota Vikings to go to the Super Bowl!


Working with you to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our world



What you need to know in 2018
Dear fellow Rotarians,

As we pass the halfway point of this Rotary year, it’s time to take stock of what we’ve achieved so far and what we still have to do. The Rotary Citation is not only an honor, but also a useful tool that helps clubs plan their service. Club leaders will receive an achievement guide by email in mid-March, with valuable resources to help you reach your goals. If you’re on track to receive a citation, congratulations! Your club is well on its way to a very productive year.

Here in Evanston, we are working hard to achieve the goals that Rotarians have laid out for us. In a Rotary-wide survey of Rotarians and Rotaractors, 90% of respondents asked for improved training, better methods to connect with other clubs, more planning resources, and better online tools. In response, your 2016 Council on Legislation passed a $4 dues increase that is now allowing us to invest in the improved resources, processes, and technology you’ve asked for.

One of the many improvements we’ve made (and are continuing to make) has been to Rotary Club Central, which has been completely redesigned to be faster and easier to navigate. As you already know, this year we are asking all Rotary clubs to submit two numbers to Rotary: the number of volunteer hours worked and the money invested in service. The fastest and easiest way to submit these numbers is through Rotary Club Central. If you’re already tracking your projects using Rotary Club Central, make sure you’ve entered the number of volunteer hours and amount spent for each project you’re tracking. Otherwise, remember to enter those two key numbers in the Goal Center, under the Rotary Citation tab.

On 23 January we will unveil changes to the global grant reporting section of the Grant Center. You’ll find that the report has an updated look, its content has been aligned with the global grant application, and the financial portion will be much simpler to use. We hope these changes will make it easier for clubs to report on the tremendous work that they accomplish through global grants.

One of the new initiatives I’m most excited about in this Rotary year is the Group Cultural Exchange program, a type of Rotary Friendship Exchange that brings together international teams of Rotarians, non-Rotarians, and young professionals. Contact your district’s Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee Chair for more information about exchange opportunities through your district. If you have questions, or an experience you’d like to share, contact rotary.service@rotary.org

Depending on where you are in the world, it may be the right time to plant your club’s trees. Not only is planting trees one of the best things you can do for the environment, it also brings you one step closer to your Rotary Citation. Be sure to plant your trees by 22 April (Earth Day), and take care of the trees you’ve planted until they’re thriving on their own.

There’s still time to register for one of six Presidential Peacebuilding Conferences designed to help us better understand the connections between Rotary’s six areas of focus and our commitment to building peace. The conferences will be hosted between February and June in different cities across North America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

Looking ahead, it’s not too early to start planning your trip to the Rotary International Convention in Toronto, Canada on 23-27 June 2017. Register online by 31 March to receive the discounted preregistration rate, and find Inspiration Around Every Corner in Toronto!

Finally, let’s not let January pass without a reminder of Vocational Service Month. Vocational service is one of the unique aspects of Rotary that makes us so effective. Our updated vocational service handbook is a great resource for those new to the idea of vocational service, and those who want to bring it more fully into their everyday lives and service.

We all know that Rotary would not be the organization it is without the dedication of our club presidents, district governors, coordinators, directors, trustees, and other leaders all over the world. Because of your hard work, Rotary is truly Making a Difference in the world, so thank you.


Ian Riseley
Rotary International President, 2017-18
Bulletin Editor
Colene Vivian
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