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District 6420 Governor's Address


August is Membership and New Club Development month for Rotary.  And membership is the one thing that I encourage every club to be proactive and search out new members.  I have completed 15 club visits in July.  Wonderful experience to go to a club and talk with the leadership and members about what their club is doing and why they are Rotarians.  I have visited a club with over 100 members and one with as little as 6 members.  I can feel the energy and pride that the clubs have for their local projects.  I see the willingness to donate to the Foundation and help continue the fight to end polio in the world.   There are some clubs, not mentioning any by name, that truly have an appreciation of the Fifth part of the 4 Way Test and that is having Fun.  Service with a smile, service and have fun, service above self. 

The one area I have found with my club visits that cause me some angst is how we are communicating with our members.   About 20% of the members read the District Newsletter.  About 25% have a My Rotary account.  I encourage all the members I meet to read the newsletter.  I encourage all the members to get a My Rotary account.  My sell is that it is like going to a baseball game.  You can watch the game and enjoy it but to know what is really going on with the teams in the game you have to buy a program.  With Rotary, you don’t have to buy the program.   It is very easy to establish an account which will open up a world of information about all that is happening in Rotary.   Club Presidents, I encourage you to distribute the newsletter to your members in the most practical manner for your club.

Upcoming meetings are Friendship Exchange Committee on August 12th at CGH Medical Center, Sterling.  Inbound Youth Exchange Orientation on Aug 26th at the Loves Park City Hall.  The Governor Advisory Committee will be meeting on September 9th to start the process of reviewing the District’s Policy/Procedure and Guidelines handbook and the District’s By-Laws.  The annual meeting of the District’s Corporate Board will follow that meeting at CGH Medical Center. 

And oh yes, my wife and I attended the Cubs vs Brewers game on Saturday July 29th.  This is a Northern Illinois and Wisconsin Rotary Districts event honoring veterans.  Great game…stayed to the end.  Cubs won in the 11th inning with a home run.  Score 2-1 Cubs.  Rotary is a winner too.  Sometimes we all have to go the extra innings to complete the project, but Rotarians are winners.  The clubs in District 6420 are winners.  Our members do hit homeruns.


2016-2017 Polio Eradication Status
2016-2017 Polio Eradication Status
Here is an update on the status of the RI Polio Plus program and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) as of mid-July 2017.
First let me recap briefly the history of Polio Plus and Rotary International for some newer members who are perhaps not yet that well informed about this great international endeavor.
In 1979 Rotarians initiated a polio eradication program in the Philippines and it was successful.
In 1985 RI started the Polio Plus campaign and by 1988 it became a global endeavor with international partners.  We were off on one of the most momentous public health campaigns in humankind history since the eradication of smallpox in the world.
Our partners include Rotary International, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), UNICEF, World Health Organization (WHO), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and several nation states.
            Since 1985, Rotarians and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have contributed $1.5 billion.
            10 billion doses of oral polio vaccine have been given to children.
            16 million people are walking today that would have been paralyzed by polio.
             Status of endemic countries YTD in 2017:
               Afghanistan: 4
               Pakistan: 3
               Nigeria: 0
               Syria: 23
               Democratic Republic of Congo: 4
While we are making great progress in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria, there has been an outbreak in Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo, areas on persistent and ongoing conflict.  The consequence of mayhem and destruction in these areas weakens or eliminates existing public health infrastructure such as sanitation and health facilities.  Polio virus thrives in poor sanitary conditions so common in developing countries.  Poor hygiene habits also contribute to the spread and persistence of this virus.
One benefit of the extensive experience and infrastructure of the GPEI is that public health officials can detect new emergence of the virus and react quickly to try and contain the outbreak with education and re-immunization.  (The world was able to quickly contain the Ebola outbreak due to the presence of existing surveillance systems and trained personnel essential to stop the spread).
To achieve a Polio –free world we still need,
1.       To immunize 400 million children in 60 countries every year.
2.      150,000 polio funded workers in 70 countries.
3.      Essential disease surveillance activities in 70 countries
a.      Monitor fecal samples for presence of the virus
b.      Monitor sewage  for same.
4.       Where the money went last year?  Three countries needed –
a.      256,428 vaccinators
b.      6751 cars
c.       1530 motorbikes
d.      1150 carts
e.      17 boats
Stopping the GPEI now would lead to 200,000 cases of paralytic polio in 10 years.  Porous international borders, large refugee population migrations, and the ease of international travel would expose the entire world to polio again.  Finishing the job of polio eradication is projected to save the global community $40 - $50 billion dollars by 2035 (90% in developing countries).
Every Rotarian must continue their resolve to not let this great project fail and continue to support the GPIE.  We are all part of the biggest public health campaign since the eradication of smallpox.  Eliminating polio from the world will be a great part of our Rotarian legacy, and something we can all brag about to our families and friends. 
Remember, for every $1.00 you contribute, it is matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  MAKE A DIFFERENCE is the annual motto put forward by RI President Ian H.S. Riseley, so let’s all pitch and get this done!
Contributions can be made online at the R.I. site, or through you club treasurer.  Polio Plus contributions count towards Paul Harris awards. 
Paul Stromborg, MD
District 6420 End Polio Chair

Ad Hoc Committee Looking for Committee Members


Polio was an epidemic and now, thanks to Rotary, it’s nearly been erased from the world. Today there is another epidemic of far reaching proportions – human trafficking and slavery. Slavery is still very much alive and well in our modern-day world. If you agree that this should be abolished and if you, like me, think that what Rotary did to eradicate polio it can do to eradicate human trafficking and slavery, please join me in seeking ways to make that happen. I have been appointed to chair an ad hoc committee for District 6420 to investigate this possibility and am seeking other Rotarians who are passionate about this issue. An exploratory meeting will be scheduled later this summer. Will you join us? My e-mail address is: or you may phone me at (270) 703-9799. Let’s do for this issue what we’ve done for polio!  Toni Lucas




Kudos to SAVANNA ROTARY CLUB as the ONLY Club in our District to accomplish all seven criteria to receive Rotary International President John Germ's PRESIDENTIAL CITATION for 2016-2017!  This accomplishment is HUGE in the Rotary world, indicating the Club's strength in membership retention and growth, Foundation Support, Public Image, Humanitarian Service, connectivity with Rotary resources, New Generation opportunities, and more!  


Congratulations also to PUTNAM COUNTY ROTARY CLUB coming in second, with completed accomplishments in FIVE of the seven categories!  The Gov also recognizes six Clubs coming in with FOUR categories completed: Byron, Mendota, Moline, Rochelle, Toluca and Walnut Rotary Clubs-- and several  Clubs close behind, having completed THREE  categories: Geneseo, Henry, Loves Park, Quad Cities, and Rockford East - Cherry Valley Rotary Clubs! 


NOT YET ON THE LIST? There's a WHOLE YEAR ahead of us, to meet RI President Ian Riseley's goals for his 2017-2018 Presidential Citation! 

Invitation to Rotarian Eclipse Chasers

Lincoln Rotary Club #14 in Nebraska is in the path of totality for the August 21st Eclipse of the sun.

Since hotels are mostly booked already, our club members are offering to host any Rotarians needing a place to stay during the eclipse event.

Yours in Rotary, Dan Wherry Lincoln Rotary Club #14

From the Editor
Hello All!
This quick message brings a message of hope and support to all that have been dealing with challenges brought on by the weather. 
With that I must also apologize for not getting the your newsletter out as quickly as we'd like, but unfortunately, I also was dealing with the challenges brought on by too much wind and rain. 
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! 
To all that have been sending stories and photos to share in the newsletter.   It's is so great to see what the Rotarians in our district are doing and to be able to share.  Please keep it coming!
August is Membership month.....what does your club do to encourage new membership or involvement from current members?  Have a great story, idea, or tip to pass on?  Please share we'd love to here it!
Have a great August! 
Road Apples Happen

"Road Apples Happen!"  And if THIS one happens in your square on the Road Apple Bingo grid, YOU will win $1,000 !    Here's your $10 chance to make $1,000 -- or to win one of TEN $50 drawings -- AND to support the service projects of  a sister Club!  ONLY 450 SQUARES WILL BE SOLD -- and when we're out, we're out!  Reserve yours TODAY by emailing Putnam County Rotary President Debbie Buffington -- You need not be present to win, but come anyway to join us for the fun, at Boggio's Apple Orchard's Fall Festival, at 1 pm on Saturday September 23, 2017.... on Rte 71 in Granville ! 

Rotary Night at Timber Lake Playhouse

The Mount Carroll Rotary Club and Timber Lake Playhouse invite you to Rotary Night at TLP on Tuesday, August 15 for Little Shop of Horrors.  Join the members of the Executive Staff of Timber Lake Playhouse and the Mount Carroll Rotary Club members for Wine on the Deck behind the Administrative office across the street from the theatre before the show.  


Little Shop of Horrors is the story of Seymour Krelborn, a lovesick clerk in Mushnik’s Skid Row Florist. He stumbles across a new breed of plant he names “Audrey II” – after his beloved, ditzy coworker. Over time, Seymour discovers Audrey II’s out of this world origins and appetite, and he must choose between love, fame and saving the world.


All Rotarians will receive the discounted rate of $20 per ticket ($17 for students and active military) for all members of their party.  Contact the Timber Lake Playhouse Box Office at (815) 244-2048 for tickets and visit the TLP website for more information about the theatre.  Wine on the Deck begins at 6:45 and curtain time for Little Shop of Horrors is 7:30.



Belvidere Bomber Bingo Bash

Rotary Club of Savanna Honors Rotarian Ann Murphy



ROTARY CLUB OF SAVANNA, IL    Honors Rotarian Ann Murphy



The Rotary Club of Savanna recently named Ann Murphy as an Honorary Rotarian.  This designation is for a person who has distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals.  Ann is only the 3rd club member to receive this designation of honor.  Ann joined the Rotary Club of Savanna in 1989, while working at WCCI Radio Station as comptroller, recruited by then President Bill Dayton.  Ann became the clubs first female president in 1993.  At the local level she served on the board for many years, was involved in chartering the Al Cini Memorial Interact Club at the Savanna High School.  That club is still active at the West Carroll High School.  She also was involved in the club foundation which provides scholarships each year to Savanna and now to West Carroll High School seniors.  Ann and her husband Pat hosted three longer term Rotary Exchange Students and two short term Rotary Exchange Students over the years.  Ann has been involved in many fundraisers over the years that have helped to fund local grant projects and scholarships.  


Ann has been a leader in the Rotary Club of Savanna.  Ann was also involved in with several Rotary District 6420 responsibilities including Assistant District Governor, District Trainer, District Governors Advisory Council, Financial Council and Scholarship Selection Committee.  When Rotary District 6420 teamed up with Districts from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan, Ann was there to help plan and coordinate.  This is now one of the largest trainings for incoming club presidents in the United States.


Ann’s dedication to Rotary, its beliefs and the good that the Foundation does, is also recognized by the achievement of her Paul Harris +3.  This means that her financial accumulative giving has helped individuals worldwide, with the eradication of Polio being one of the key focus points that the Foundation addresses.  Currently there are only 5 known cases of Polio worldwide.  The Foundation supports projects in six areas of focus:  Peace and conflict preventions/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy and lastly economic and community development.




Pictured Left to Right: seated-Mike Meyer Rotary Club of Savanna President, Ruth Lee District 6420 Foundation Chair, Helen Kilgore District 6420 Assistant Governor.  Standing-Pat Murphy, Honorary Rotarian and Paul Harris+3 Ann Murphy, Beaver Miller WCCI




Join fellow Rotarians from all parts of the globe in celebration of service above self,  when the RI Convention convenes in Toronto June 23-27, 2018 !   And it's just 600 miles away -- less than a ten hour drive if there's a good wind behind us!  Experience the excitement of this international event... bringing Rotarians, cultures and ideas together to truly make a difference in our world!  .... And along the way to or from, enjoy the sights of Canada, Niagra Falls, and more!  


Enticed? Get in on early bird pricing still in effect... AND if you register by December 1st,  6420's Convention Promotion Chair PDG Scott Shore will sweeten the deal with a drawing for a $100 instant cash credit!  Those Rotarians registered by December 1 will be automatically included in the drawing  -- so get in on the fun, and get in on the drawing too! 


TO REGISTER.. CLICK HERE! .... And for more info, contact PDG Scott!

Milan Rotary Club - Fundraiser - John Deere Classic VIP Parking

Thank you to a good day at the East Moline Fairgrounds – JD Classic VIP Parking dutiesJ



Some members of the  Milan Area Rotary Club- park cars at the John Deere Classic – VIP Parking – even in the Rain!!
Milan Area Rotary Club - School Supplies Collection


We are collecting – school supplies for our Milan Schools………………..




Picture a birthday party with nearly 40,000 close friends from 200 countries, speaking some 40 languages, all there to celebrate Rotary, and the Rotary Foundation's 100th year of "doing good in the world!" And add to that picture, invited guest speakers such as Polio Fund Philanthropist Bill Gates, Golf Pro and Polio Survivor Jack Nicklaus, Retired Mayor, Senator, MLK compatriot and US Ambassador Andrew Young, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, WWE superstar John Cena, and new WHO Diretor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia!


If there's still room in your vision of all this, add a host of Rotary super-stars including President John Germ, Pres-Elect Ian Riseley of Australia, Pres-Nominee Sam Owori of Uganda, Gen. Secretary John Hewko of Ukraine, First woman Rotarian Sylvia Whitlock, and our own Jennifer Jones of Ontario!  


And picture entertainment from Bluegrass to symphony performers,  attractions such as the World of Coca Cola, the home of CNN, The College Football Hall of Fame, the largest Aquarium in the US, Jimmy Carter's Presidential Library, The Center for Human and Civil Rights -- and a Ferris Wheel at Centennial Park lit up with Rotary's logo in the center wheel!


General sessions were awesome, breakout sessions were inspiring, and the chance to meet Rotarians from Clubs around the world was, in a word, priceless!  See some of the pictures gathered up, in PHOTO ALBUMS on our Rotary6420 HOME PAGE!   And... Click HERE for eveen more Convention highlights, pics and videos to share with your Club!!


DG Scott's original goal of 50 attending was surpassed, with 57 on the roster from 6420 -- a record we hope to break again next year when the Convention takes over Toronto!

Rotary Service Opportunity - West Africa Project Fair
Bulletin Editor
Colene Vivian
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