Is this guy for real ?? 
(the one in red, that is...)
FIND OUT IN TORONTO!  Join up to 50,000 of your closest friends for a Rotary experience of a lifetime, June 23-27!   ...just 600 miles away – an easy drive AND you can visit Niagara Falls on your way! 
Sign up by December 1 to get in on the drawing for a $100 DISTRICT REBATE – and you'll ALSO cash in on a$150 earlybird registration discount per person!  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER !.... 
Already registered? Also consider signing up for our ZONE 28-29 PARTY the fnight before the conference begins, Saturday, June 23, 2018   7:00 pm - 11:00 pm  at the Hockey Hall of Fame!
AND... please advise as to your housing! So far, Rotarians from 6420 are staying at the Chelsea, Intercontintental CityCenter, Sheraton and Novotel. Any others??? Contact District Promotion Chair!