Posted by Toni Lucas
The District 6420 Task Force Against Human Trafficking met on September 29 and received a report regarding the Human Trafficking Legislative Taskforce Hearing that took place on September 14. We exchanged information we have discovered regarding various organizations involved in this cause. The overwhelming need that we have determined is EDUCATION. There is also a need for housing. There are many laws in place, but they are not enforced. We discussed educating judges.
Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, November 5, at 1:30 p.m. at the Galena Steakhouse, 1101 N Galena Ave., Dixon, IL. If you are interested in being part of this committee, please contact Toni Lucas at or call 270-703-9799. 
The committee will continue its work on this issue utilizing and building on the resources outlined below.
Stacy shared a list of resources she received at the Legislative Task Force Meeting and Toni shared resources she learned of at the RI Convention in Atlanta. 
The Rotary Clubs of Springfield and West Springfield, VA have joined forces to create an awareness program in their middle and high schools and their community college. We will register with their group to indicate that we are interested in partnering with them and interested in a similar program in our community. 
District 5180 in Sacramento has a project in place regarding this issue. We will also contact this group and attempt to make contact with the State Attorney' General's Office representative. We will also contact the Rockford Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation and the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation and ask for their list of the task forces which exist in each county in Illinois.
We discussed conducting a District 6420 educational meeting for all district clubs. The goal would be education, first and foremost, but also to have a Task Force representative within each club. We talked about preparing a packet to give out at that time so that club representatives could take that back to their clubs and begin an education campaign in their area.