Posted by Steven Kuhn
ChiZone 17 Leadership Development Summit was held October 24-29th in Itasca, Illinois.
Over 500 Rotarians from the 28 districts that make up Zones 28 & 29 were in attendance.
The district's Governor line was all there.  DGE Kathy Kwiat Hess attended her Governor Elect Training Session, DGN Bobbie Burke had classes with her fellow 2019-2020 governors.
DG Steve Kuhn was joined by 27 other district governors which represented 5% of the officers of Rotary International.
Other attendees included IPDG Scott Schore and his wife Adriene, District Trainers Beth Thacker and Peg Wilkerson, Dave McCully, Matt and Meg Skelly, Tom Brooks, and PDGs Pat Burch, Ruth Lee, and Elise Cadigan.
 A special shout out goes to PDG Shannon Sheffel who was the Co-Chairwoman of the event and did a spectacular job in pulling it all together