Posted on Oct 10, 2017
Nominating Committee Chair Sam “Woody” Wilbanks has announced the deadline for District Governor nominations for the 2020-21 year are due to him by November 17 th.  Interviews will take place on December 2nd.  Interested candidates may contact Woody ( for an application and Rotary resume sample format.  Club presidents are asked to share this info with potential DG candidates in their clubs.
District Election Guidelines
This document is intended for distribution by district governors to their Rotary clubs at the time of the official call for nominations.

A fundamental principle of Rotary is that the best qualified candidate should be selected for service in elective offices.  The RI Bylaws prohibit any effort by a candidate, a candidate’s supporter, or any Rotarian to influence the selection process in a positive or negative manner, including but not limited to, campaigning or canvassing.  The RI Board developed these guidelines to assist Rotarians in better understanding election procedures:

For All Rotarians
  • Review and comply with RI’s election guidelines as explained in the following documents:
  • RI Bylaws: Articles 11, 13 and 14
  • Rotary Code of Policies: Sections 17.030.3(A),17.040, 19.030, 26.070 and 26.080
  • (Note: You will find the above documents at
  • Avoid any actions designed to gain visibility, publicize candidates’ names and achievements, or give anyone an unfair advantage over someone else.

For Candidates
  • Immediately express disapproval in writing of any campaigning activities undertaken on your behalf and ask for the actions to cease.
  • Do not respond in a similar manner to another candidate’s improper activities.
  • Do not communicate with or visit clubs involved in the election, except to fulfill necessary functions.  If there are any concerns that a current assignment or a new assignment may give an appearance of campaigning, consult with the district governor.  Routine performance of assigned activities is not a violation of Rotary’s election policies.