DG Elizabeth has teamed up with Rotary Club of the West Bank President Kevin Avery to help you showcase your club in your community!
Imagine if every community with a Rotary Club, instead of just the one Rotary sign on the way into town, ALSO had yard signs in front of every Rotarian-owned business, every member's home, the home of every scholarship recipient, the offices of every partner organization...and what if in every community those signs had precisely the same message: "we are Rotary, here is what we do, please join us!" So a person commuting from Slidell to Bay St. Louis or Petal to Hattiesburg or Kentwood to McComb or LaPlace to Uptown New Orleans or Long Beach to Pascagoula would see the same message over and over again in unexpected and surprising places.
Now imagine if your club could make use of a district grant of sorts to help offset the cost.  And if you didn't have to do any of the design work.  Or arrange for the printing...
WHAT ARE THE SIGNS?  Using the Rotary Brand Center to create your club's Masterbrand, Kevin's team will create any combination of 6 actions (Preventing Disease; Promoting Literacy; Building Peace; Supporting the Environment; Strengthening Communities; Developing Leaders) you would like to promote alongside your club's logo.  The signs will direct passersby to the rotary.org site.  Here's why: 1. you don't have to scramble to update your club's site or figure out whose phone number to put on the signs, 2. the rotary.org site is comprehensive and snazzy and designed specifically to showcase Rotary, and 3. there is a "JOIN" button on the main site that will collect the interested person's information and send it to our District Membership Chair, Jamie Haeuser -- and she has a proven system to connect these membership leads with your club.  All you have to do is follow up and extend the invitation!
HOW DO I ACCESS THE GRANT?  It's simple -- place your order directly with Kevin and the district will pay the first $100 (one grant per club).
WHAT IS THE COST? Order by January 31 and the cost per sign is just $6 (+ tax) -- each is the size of a standard real estate yard sign and includes the H wire stake.  After Jan 31, the price goes up to $7.50 (+ tax).  The district offer ends on February 28 but clubs can continue to work directly with Kevin Avery. 
HOW DO I ORDER?  The order form is posted on the landing page of Rotary6840.org under the calendar.  Or HERE