Message from District Governor Elizabeth
On March 8, 2020, I was in Natchez, MS meeting the wonderful people who would lead the Rotary Clubs of D6840 during the year I had been selected to serve as District Governor.  On March 7 I changed my opening slide to one about hand washing and an opportunity to introduce the incoming club presidents to the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Rotary Action Group (WASH).  I had just spent Mardi Gras with our Rotary Youth Exchange students, two of whom were from Northern Italy and who were constantly receiving incredible and frightening news about the spread and rapid devastation of the novel coronavirus.  Through Pietro and Elena I had a personal window to the world and what was coming; through my relationship with these students I had empathy for the fear and suffering of their families and communities; through Rotary I had the ability to be engaged with solutions.  Rotary is the reason I was prepared and quick to act in my volunteer, family, and professional life. 

Eight months on, I have looked through several other windows: through Rotary I have direct access to real people and current information everywhere in the world.  Each of us -- any of us -- all of us -- can activate the Rotary network.  We can do this for purely professional reasons: search the Rotary database by profession to develop contacts overseas or a few states away  We can use it for selfish reasons: there is a Home Exchange Rotary Fellowship for people around the world who will swap homes with you for a few weeks a year so you can have a one of a kind vacation experience.  And of course we can make use of the Rotary network because we appreciate all the opportunities membership allows us.
While this year in leadership has presented me with some obvious and many more invisible challenges, I have had the great fortune to witness and participate in many successes and innovations that were not on the agenda back on March 8.  We have taken Rotary Leadership Institute entirely on-line -- and more people have graduated since March than in any prior full Rotary year.  We tried a virtual Pub Crawl and raised over $6000 to End Polio Now.  Against all odds, the entire continent of Africa was declared polio free in 2020 thanks to the tireless efforts of Rotarians.  Clubs have taken their 5ks virtual; we celebrated World Peace Day; have helped our neighbors in all directions with hurricane relief; we have planted trees and built playhouses; we have fed the hungry and cleaned up neighborhoods.  Almost all while wearing masks and always mindful of our institutional position on prevention of disease.
I'll admit it: I'm tired! And I am missing out on meeting you all in person.  But together we are really getting creative despite Zoom fatigue and the continued economic and health uncertainties of COVID and the coming cooler weather.  It has been intellectually exciting to have so many opportunities to innovate and to be a change maker.  Rotary clubs and members continue to prove we are able to adapt: that our individual drive to do service keeps us involved and looking for new ways to accomplish even more. For your service and your company on this journey to Open Opportunities, I thank each of you. 
I wish you all a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.  If you're inclined to give a Thank You to Rotary for providing this incredible space where our core values of Service, Integrity, Diversity, Leadership and Fellowship thrive, please consider making a donation to The Rotary Foundation.  November is Foundation Month, after all!
  • hold your leadership elections for 2021-2022 and report club leaders in Club Runner and (easier if you have already integrated your data) prior to Dec 31
  • take a course in The Learning Center on
  • invite someone who shares your values to join Rotary
  • attend a Zoom call offered by Rotary Zones 30-31 -- these include webinars on everything from starting a Satellite Club to interviews with past Rotary International presidents to conversations about polio and Rotary
District-Sponsored Events
Morning Coffee with DG Elizabeth
Dec 02, 2020
7:30 AM – 8:30 AM
Part 3 ONLY Virtual RLI (3 consecutive weeks)
Dec 03, 2020
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Reporting Deadline
Dec 31, 2020
Morning Coffee with DG Elizabeth
Jan 06, 2021
7:30 AM – 8:30 AM
Paul Harris Society Gala 2021
Jan 08, 2021
6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
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November is Rotary Foundation Month
The D6840 G-Force has issued a challenge!
November is Rotary Foundation Month and personal year-end charitable giving time.
Make a $125 donation to The Rotary Foundation before DECEMBER 31, 2020
and the “G-Force” will match it!
Paul Harris Society Gala and Awards Dinner
Paul Harris Society Gala picks up where the 2019-2020 District Conference left off!
Foundation News
Since July, we have been busy in the effort Rotary Reclaims 2020 across D6840.  Clubs have been asked to document 20 Acts of Service and to encourage members as individual Rotarians interested in the success and growth of their clubs to put on their Rotary shirts and do some service.  Those efforts are having a direct impact on what we are achieving and where we are seeing positive growth.
Membership Minute
A Message from Membership Chair Jamie Haeuser (RC New Orleans-Riverbend)
World Polio Day Results
Rotary Member Survey
Be sure to participate in the first ever digital Global Member Census to help guide the future of of Rotary.
DG Elizabeth's GOALS for the year that ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES
Every Rotarian Every Year (individual donation to the Rotary Foundation)
Two members per club graduate from Rotary Leadership Institute (link on
Every Club President earn the Presidential Citation (set and achieve 13 of 25 goals on
100% club participation at the Mid Year Check Up Jan 9,2021 in New Orleans
and the Celebration at the Centennial May 21-22, 2021 in Gulfport