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Rotary Interactive Quarantine
Rotary Youth Exchange
RYLA: RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) camp will be held July 11-16, 2021 IN PERSON at the Solomon Retreat Center in Loranger, LA. We are looking for bright, open-minded rising and graduating seniors who are ready to challenge themselves and develop their leadership skills - all while having fun and making friends.
RYLA is an all-expense paid, six-day experiential leadership program made possible for selected participants through scholarships awarded by local Rotary clubs. Students completing their junior or senior year of high school are eligible to apply. Additional information and applications can be found at 

Interact: School clubs and organizations have largely been a casualty of the isolation of quarantine. As expected, our school Interact clubs are exhibiting varying degrees of collaboration and participation. On a district level, we continue to pursue opportunities for service and leadership. New this year is the District Interact Committee (DIC), which is the voice for Rotary youth in our district. This month we will be sending information and applications to all Rotary clubs and Interact sponsors about opportunities for students to serve on the District Interact Committee. If your club sponsors an Interact club, please encourage your Interactors to apply.

Rotary Interactive Quarantine: This global youth network conceived, initiated, and managed by our district is a Rotary International success story. RIQ brings together leaders from Interact, RYLA, and Rotary Youth Exchange in more than 65 countries to provide training, support, and international service collaboration to thousands of Rotary youth around the globe. RIQ meets semi-monthly via Zoom. As the quarantine is (hopefully) coming to an end, RIQ will transition from a resource for Interactors and Clubs during quarantine to an interactive network of Rotary youth who share common goals and work together to promote international projects. If you want to learn more about RIQ or have one of their young leaders as a featured speaker at your club, please email me at  See what they're up to and share this link with your Interact Clubs:
Rotary Youth Exchange: It is with much sadness that I report RI has suspended youth exchange again for the 2021-2022 year, but we fully expect to both send and receive exchange students again in the 2022-2023 year. Until then, we continue migration to a new, comprehensive database for club and
district student management that will reduce administrative burden for all parties. We will use the coming year to finalize migration to the new database, continue building our district infrastructure, and work on promotion of this vital Rotary program. We are blessed to have Mrs. Mississippi, Jaimee Dorris,
work with us to promote Rotary Youth Exchange.
In addition to creating a scholarship to support youth who wish to go on exchange, we have collaborated with Jaimee on an RYE commercial that is currently live on YouTube. Check it out here: If you want Jaimee or a Rotary Youth Exchange student to speak at your club, please email me at