Every Rotary Project is Local!
Have you made your $125 donation to The Rotary Foundation Yet?
District Grants come from Foundation donations
An important annual event in the Rotary calendar year is the closing out of District Grants.  On behalf of the district Grants Committee, thank you to everyone who has ben submitting those reports.  And thank you to the Grants Committee for the many hours of review and compliance.  The graph shows the distribution of District Grant funds ($322,000) across the Areas of Focus over the past 5 funding cycles.  Every dollar awarded as a District Grant is the direct result of a donation made by a Rotarian in District 6840.  This is worthy of repetition: when your club receives a grants "from the district" you are using funds that were donated by individual Rotarians right here from your club or the one next door. 
If you personally have not donated to The Rotary Foundation you are not contributing to the fund that brings so many local projects to life.  The Rotary Foundation is the mechanism through which we can leverage and multiply our individual efforts.  Please make your personal donation of $125 right now while you're reading this: rotary.org/donate -- make your life easy and contribute to all future district grants by signing up for recurring gifts in the amount that is comfortable to you.  Rotary takes care of all of the paperwork and makes sure your donations come to D6840 for local use.  It's an incredible system that earns the highest designation of 4 stars from Charity Navigator every year.   
To understand more, you can read everything about the Foundation on the Rotary.org website, you can invite a member of the district leadership team to speak to your club or have a private conversation, and of course your club's Foundation Chair should participate in all training provided to all club leaders.