The D6840 G-Force has issued a challenge!
November is Rotary Foundation Month and personal year-end charitable giving time.
Make a $125 donation to The Rotary Foundation before DECEMBER 31, 2020
and the “G-Force” will match it!
We don't need to tell you that 2020 has brought about important changes in the service and fundraising arena...and also in approaches to management and leadership.  The D6840 "G-Force" continues to meet regularly and adapt our approaches to meeting the goals and challenges of this year.
At the first ever Virtual D6840 Foundation Seminar on November 7 we carefully explained how your individual donations become the source of all District Grants that we award each year.  We heard from a Rotary Peace Fellow and discussed every question and confusion about the Foundation raised by seminar participants.  There is no secrecy about how the Rotary Foundation works, but there is a widespread sense of mystery as well as misunderstandings and confusion.  Please invite us to speak directly with your club members and name a Foundation Chair for us to work with.  Simply put, The Rotary Foundation is critical to the impact our members, clubs, and districts have in every community where we have a presence.  To motivate each Rotarian do do his/her part, in a spirit of serious fun the G-Force will match 125 points for every donation that meets or exceeds the $125 goal set by DG Elizabeth.  This will ensure that D6840 continues to have significant funding for District Grants going forward -- funding that is the result of the individual donations of our members. 
While service projects have been curtailed, the need for our philanthropy continues unabated.  Please be People of Action
Individuals: Go to to make your donation directly.  Use the e-mail associated with your Rotary membership so that the donation is recorded correctly.  There is a DONATE button on the landing page.  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.  Rotary will automatically send documentation for tax purposes.
Clubs: if you collect the funds from your members, use the multiple donor form to ensure that credit is given to each member toward this challenge.  The easiest way to access the form is simply to type “Rotary Multiple Donor Form” in your search engine.  We are all available to assist at any time.  Each member will receive an e-mail from Rotary with the tax documentation.
Every club with 100% member achievement of this goal will be recognized with a Paul Harris Fellow in the name of a member or community leader of your choice.
We will celebrate donors and clubs at the Paul Harris Society Gala at the Higgins Hotel in New Orleans on January 8, 2021.  Tickets to that dinner can be found here (seating is limited for public health considerations so act now if you want to attend)
Special hotel room rates (from Jan 6 – Jan 11) at The Higgins Hotel are available here (these rates are available even if you don’t attend the dinner – New Orleans is beautiful in January and the Hotel is brand new and absolutely gorgeous)
To keep administration simple, the district will not handle any of the funds or documentation – we have a donor report from July 1, 2020 and will compare it with a report generated on January 1, 2021.  125 points will be transferred directly to each member who meets or exceeds DG Elizabeth’s $125 goal between July 1 and Dec 31.
Reach out to any member of the D6480 G-Force or Foundation Committee if you’d like us to make a presentation to your club at any time.  The district website has a link to communicate with all District and Club leaders.  Make use of Rotary resources – human, institutional, and inspirational.
Rotarians are People of Action and together we can ensure that Rotary Reclaims 2020!
THANK YOU! DG 20-21 Elizabeth Van Sant (RC Covington), DG 21-22 Bob Vaughn (RC New Orleans-Riverbend),
DG 22-23 Regina Wedig (RC Amite), and DG 23-24 Vicky Gutierrez (RC Edgewater)