Grow Rotary Campaign will Bridge 20-21 and 21-22
Membership begins with YOU!
Through the leadership of Membership Chair Jamie Haeuser, we are innovating and trying something new: a membership campaign that bridges the terms of two Rotary leadership teams
It's  a sneaky bit of revolutionary thinking prompted by the opportunities for change that our current experience has allowed.
Here's why it's brilliant:
  1. as clubs come back together and shake the social cobwebs hey will also be deciding about keeping or changing meeting traditions, dues structures,  and what the strengths of their clubs really are...and how many members will continue the journey
  2. as clubs realize they have a LOT to celebrate and see the returns on the PR campaigns and service, potential members will start knocking on your doors
  3. as Rotary Leadership Institute graduates, everyone who attended Rotary training opportunities in the Spring and soon-to-be-past-presidents look for new ways to engage and strengthen clubs, membership will be a top priority
  4. it will serve as a reminder that future Rotarians join local clubs -- recruitment and engagement and multiplying your club's impact all start with YOU asking people of character to join you in your efforts
  5. incoming club leadership teams will have the full support of the outgoing teams and a real sense of continuity and common purpose; July 1 may be the start of a new Rotary year, but it's just one more day in the ongoing Membership Drive
We will announce the parameters and prizes in May, but here are some key features:
  • We will start with membership data on June 1, 2021 as the baseline for each club
  • There will be prizes for growth between June 1 and September 30, 2021
  • The District will prepare a membership brochure that every club can put into immediate practice
  • The District will continue efforts to prepare a club-specific PR piece to promote the good work of every club