Look for LOTS happening in Rotary membership in the coming month!   As we continue to make progress conquering COVID, there’s a new level of interest on the part of people everywhere to do good in their communities, and what better way than to join ROTARY?  And since most of us are in Rotary because ONE person asked us, let’s apply that simple idea to growing our clubs and our district.  Watch your US mail in early March for a plan to gain members – and there will be prizes, fame and fortune for clubs and individuals who really get on the “Membership Starts with YOU” bandwagon!
In other membership news, many clubs around the world are using satellite clubs to gain members.  Satellite clubs are sponsored by a main club, and may be easier, because of time or cost or interest, to recruit new members to join.  There are satellite clubs made up of veterans, people interested in animal welfare, or horticulturalists!  There are some that meet in the evening while the main club meets at lunch, or vice versa. Reach out to me (Jamie Haeuser) at jamiehaeuser@gmail.com for more information.
Let me say that clubs that have membership chairs and plans are growing!  Email me or call me at (225) 266-3979 to discuss how our membership team can work with you in a simple process to get things going to attract and retain members.
Finally – a great quote about Rotary from Katherine Hammer – Rotary Club of Mid-City:  
"Rotary has connected me with a network of selfless individuals who want to do good in the world. During dark and uncertain times, Rotarians remind me that there is kindness in the world and they inspire me to be my best self." 
Yours in Rotary Service,
Jamie Haeuser – District Membership Chair