2021-22 District Governor Bob Vaughn
Planning & Training Opportunities
July 1st is drawing near and the changing of the Guard that comes with it is approaching.  We don’t want to take our eyes off the ball as DG Elizabeth is now doing the inTENTS events to bring Clubs and families together to share safe, socially distanced fellowship.  To conclude her year and build to mine, she and I are trying to tie our training events together and advance common goals.  DG Elizabeth is offering Club Data Management Training on
April 13th and 15th.  Running concurrently with that training will be District Grants Management Seminars, required training for Clubs to submit for District Grants.  Both of these sessions are stand alone.  Though they will be live events, the covered training will be the same.  They also represent the first two events of the District Assembly.
On Saturday, April 17th, we will hold District Assembly (DA).  This will be unlike any DA you ever attended.  In order to make the District more meaningful and valuable to Clubs and Rotarians, we are bringing the expertise from the District to the Territories, collections of 4 or 5 neighboring Clubs.  Assistant Governors will lead a Territory Resource Network (TRN), a team with Club members who volunteer to share their passion for Membership, Service, Foundation, Public Image and Club Administration.  This brings expertise closer to Clubs while also engaging more Rotarian Leaders in using their individual interests and talents to help their own and neighboring Clubs.  Club Administration, as noted above, will be held in one of two sessions in the days before DA. The Foundation training at DA will not include the Grants Management Seminar but training on the Rotary Foundation and the plans and programs we have planned for District 6840 in the next year.
In the next few days, I will send out invitations to Rotarians I have identified as potential TRN members.  The training is open to all and registration will be via Zoom link posted on the District website (click on the calendar to display the link).  Besides introducing the Territory Resource Networks, we intend to build on the promise of the current year and Renew Rotary in other ways.  We will have Rotary Days of Service in Clubs, Territories and the District.  We instituted a program, Rotary Supports Habitat for Humanity, formalizing the relationship that has existed in the past and recognizes the international partnership between the two organizations.  Through the power of social media, that effort has been embraced inside the United States and is spreading around the Rotary world!  This demonstrates that none of our activities live in a silo.  Service utilizing social media (Public Image) brings us into contact with other volunteers, enhancing our profile and bringing in new members, if only someone asks.  Being able to reach out to each other to join these service opportunities on happens if we have current, correct contact details, hence the relationship with Club Administration.  There is so much more to come.  Please register for District Assembly and come prepared to Renew Rotary while we Serve to Change Lives!