Membership Development and Retention

How can membership affect the success of a club?  The more members, the more resources, the more and better services a club can provide locally and throughout the world.
Membership needs to be engaged to be effective.  Having more members does not necessarily mean they are active members.  These are issues of who is invited to be a member and how the club involves those who have joined.
Members have to be ready to take leadership roles.  Rotary is made up of leaders. The expectation of accepting membership in Rotary is that the person will at some point be asked to lead whether it is a committee, a project, or the club itself, and will accept that role.
Members are part of an international organization and need to understand that the club’s goals and activities are local, regional, national, and international.  This comes through orientation and continuing education.
80% of Rotarians have not asked anyone to be a Rotarian and
the # 1 reason people give for not being in Rotary
is that no one has asked them.