When disaster strikes, Rotarians and their clubs invariably want to get involved and help with either financial support or direct service.
The District, in its role to support club activities, has developed the following policies and procedures to help clubs succeed in their disaster response efforts.  The District’s actions will vary depending on two variables: 
 1) the interest of the clubs in making financial contributions and/or providing direct services to those in need
 2) the location of the disaster whether it be local, national, or international.
The District Governor in consultation with the Chair of the District 6840 Foundation and the Deputy Governor of Disaster Recovery ( Louisiana) and the Deputy Governor of Disaster Recovery ( Mississippi) will determine when to initiate these policies and procedures.
 Financial Support
Local Disasters
The District established the Rotary District 6840 Foundation, which can receive tax deductible donations and disburse funds raised.  The Foundation has established a procedure to accept donations and set up a process where monies would be distributed to clubs for relief projects. 
The Foundation determined that our local clubs understand the situation on the ground as well as any and has instituted a process whereby clubs themselves submit proposals for grants from the Foundation to assist in relief activities.  The club completes a brief on-line form found on the District website describing how the funds are to be used.  The Foundation Board has created a process to review the proposals quickly so that funds can be disbursed in a timely fashion.  The club will report back to the Foundation on how the funds were used.  Funds are distributed on a first come, first served basis.
National Disasters
For disasters outside our region but within the United States or Canada, the Foundation will receive donations from individuals and clubs in the same fashion as local disasters. The Deputy Governor for Disaster Recovery ( Louisiana) and the Deputy Governor for Disaster Recovery (Mississippi)   will contact the districts involved and find out how it may donate funds collected.  They will also contact The Rotary Foundation to determine if a relief fund has been established.
International Disasters
For those disasters outside the United States and Canada, the Foundation will again accept contributions identified to assist in recovery.
The Foundation, at its discretion, can send the monies collected either to the appropriate district or The Rotary Foundation, assuming it has established a fund designated for the purpose.
 Donation funds that are designated for specific disaster relief will be used solely for that purpose. Any remaining specified funds will not be distributed to any other entity without permission of the donor. 
The Rotary 6840 Foundation, of course, reserves the right to proceed in any other way it deems most effective for the monies donated.
In the aftermath of local disasters local Rotarians often want to provide direct services to those in need.  In addition, Rotarians from outside the District may also want to provide “boots on the ground” and lend their support.
Rotary International encourages Districts to assist and provide service to all areas of disaster and strongly supports sustainable projects to aid in recovery after those areas are returned to stability and moving toward recovery.
In these cases the Deputy Governor of Disaster Recovery (Louisiana) and the Deputy Governor of Disaster Recovery (Mississippi) of those areas affected will contact the local clubs and Assistant Governors to find out what manpower is needed.  The local clubs will inform the Deputy Governors of Disaster Recovery about specific projects as well as manpower needs of other local organizations also working in disaster relief. 
The clubs and Assistant Governors will give this information to the District’s Deputy Governors for Disaster Recovery who are responsible for fielding inquiries as to how local Rotarians and clubs can help.  If the disaster is such that the local clubs are not responding or they do not have the ability to do service projects, the Deputy Governors for Disaster Recovery will contact recognized local and national relief organizations for similar opportunities for service.
The Deputy Governors of Disaster Recovery will send notice of such opportunities to the District Governor, Deputy Governor for Public Relations, the District newsletter Editor, the Social Media Chair, and the District Webmaster for their appropriate distribution.
The primary contacts for fielding inquiries for service are the Deputy Governor for Disaster Recovery (Louisiana) and Deputy Governor for Disaster Recovery (Mississippi)
When a national disaster strikes, the Deputy Governors for Disaster Recovery will contact Rotary International to learn of organizations that can use Rotarians for relief work.  The District Governor will contact his/her counterparts in the districts affected to determine what their manpower needs are for relief work.  The contacts for inquiries from the District are the Deputy Governor for Disaster Recovery (Louisiana) and the Deputy Governor of Disaster Recovery (Mississippi)
For international disasters, the Deputy Governors for Disaster Recovery will contact Rotary International to seek information on service opportunities available.
Amended July 1, 2017
District Governor Kathie G. Short 2017-2018