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Super Hero leaders Save Rotary!!!
inTENTS Event series gets underway
Public Image Campaign sweeps District 6840
Jackson, MS Water Project update
Every Rotary Project is Local!
Have you made your $125 donation to The Rotary Foundation Yet?
District Grants come from Foundation donations
Rotary IS International: District 6840 International Service
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February 23rd is the 116th birthday of Rotary!  If you haven’t already made plans to commemorate this event, I have posted a few ideas to the District 6840 facebook page.  Please encourage all of your fellow Rotarians who are “on” social media to “like” that page and include Rotary District 6840 news and events into their newsfeeds.  An easy birthday gift in the spirit of Rotary is to put on your Rotary shirt and make a blood donation – it requires no club organizing, just for each of us to be People of Action.  (Our Group Number with The Blood Center is 213516)
Look for LOTS happening in Rotary membership in the coming month!   As we continue to make progress conquering COVID, there’s a new level of interest on the part of people everywhere to do good in their communities, and what better way than to join ROTARY?  And since most of us are in Rotary because ONE person asked us, let’s apply that simple idea to growing our clubs and our district.  Watch your US mail in early March for a plan to gain members – and there will be prizes, fame and fortune for clubs and individuals who really get on the “Membership Starts with YOU” bandwagon!
Anniela Carracedo, former Rotary Youth Exchange Student and new member of the Rotary Club of Bay St Louis has been named by RI President Elect Shekhar Mehta as one of just 5 people to serve on the first Interact Advisory Council!  She has been doing incredible things with a truly international impact.  I’ve asked her to describe Rotary Interactive Quarantine, which was born just one year ago with the full support of Youth Service Chair, Sam Walley, and the entire D6840 leadership team. Keep in mind as you read this that Anni isn’t out her teens and hasn’t been able to return home to Venezuela since she arrived to us in August 2019.  She is simply amazing!  Allow her to inspire you to be People of Action and do more with your membership in Rotary.
2021-2022 District Governor Bob Vaughn reminds all incoming Club Presidents that attendance at Presidents Elect Training Seminar (PETS) is one of the very few requirements shared by every Rotarian who is elected to serve in this capacity.  For several years, D6840 has collaborated with the other 4 Rotary Districts in Mississippi and Louisiana to provide this training.  For the first time, PETS will be entirely virtual.
MID YEAR CHECK UP unlike any we’ve ever had…
in 2021 Rotary Opens Opportunities!
WHEN: Saturday Feb 6 8:30-10:15 AM
WHO: 2020-2021 Club Leadership Teams* and all interested members
*includes Satellite Clubs, Rotaract Clubs and Interact Clubs
HOW:  Register to attend Using this Link 
WHAT: A Mid Year Check Up that demonstrates our Ability to Adapt
We have determined not to hold the Paul Harris Gala in this year that Rotary Opens Opportunities. We will recognize PHS Members as part of our Celebration at the Centennial in Gulfport in May, 2021...and show yet again our ability to adapt...the true tag line of the 2020-2021 Rotary Year!
The D6840 G-Force has issued a challenge!
November is Rotary Foundation Month and personal year-end charitable giving time.
Make a $125 donation to The Rotary Foundation before DECEMBER 31, 2020
and the “G-Force” will match it!
Let’s be honest…2020 needs a do-over.
This proposed effort is for individual Rotarians to Reclaim 2020 and engage in Service Above Self.
Positive energy is contagious, success breeds success, and Rotarians are People Of Action
This is a great OPPORTUNITY to showcase engaged Rotarians = enhanced public image
=more People of Action doing more service
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