RV to the Toronto RI Convention and Camp Next to the Convention Center

RV Fellowship of Rotarians (RVF) Rally in Toronto • June 19-22, 2018   

Rotary International Toronto Convention • June 23-27, 2018


Drive your RV or camper to the RI Convention in Toronto and stay next to the Convention Center along Lake Shore Boulevard at a campsite created by the RV Fellowship of Rotarians. https://rvfellowshiptoronto2018.shutterfly.com/torontorallyinformation


The Recreational Vehicle Fellowship, or RVF as it is affectionately known by its members, is one of the 74 fellowships of Rotary in which the members have a common bond ... in our case, a love for camping and rallies in various scenic locations in North America. 


Our membership include Americans, Canadians, Brits and Australians ... and hopefully you!


If you are a Rotarian and have a love for camping, be it in a popup tent trailer or a Class A motorhome, join our fun group.


For a membership application, go to our website: www.rvfrna.org