District Representative to Council on Resolutions / Council on Legislation for 2020-2023
Rotary District 6270 is now seeking candidate proposals from Rotary Clubs for the position of Representative to the Rotary International Council on Resolutions / Council on Legislation for a 3-year term in the 2020-2023 Rotary Years.
Serving as Rotary Representative to the RI Council on Resolutions / Council on Legislation is a great honor. You can learn more about the Council on Resolutions and Council on Legislation by checking https://my.rotary.org/en/learning-reference/about-rotary/councils
The Councils
The Council on Resolutions meets online each year to vote on proposed resolutions submitted by clubs, districts, RIBI, and the RI Board.  The Council on Legislation meets in person every three years to consider enactments that amend the constitutional documents, along with position statements from the RI Board of Directors.
Resolutions are requests to the Board or the Trustees to take an action that is outside the purview of the constitutional documents. 
Enactments are proposed changes to the legislation that governs Rotary.

Adopted resolutions are considered by the RI Board or The Rotary Foundation Trustees.
Duties of the Representative/Alternate to Council on Resolutions / Council on Legislation
Duties of a Council representative are as follows:
· Assist clubs in preparing proposed resolutions and enactments;
· Discuss proposed resolutions and enactments at district meetings;
· Be knowledgeable of the attitudes of Rotarians within the district;
· Give critical consideration to all proposed resolutions and enactments and effectively communicate their views on such proposals to the Councils;
· Act as an objective legislator;
· Participate in the Councils on Resolutions;
· Attend the Council on Legislation for its full duration; and
· Report on the deliberations of the Councils to the clubs in their district following the meetings of the Councils.
Minimum Qualifications for Nominees
To serve as representative, a candidate must:
· Be a member of a club in the district;
· Have served a full term as district governor at the time of election;
· Be able to complete mandatory Council training;
· Be digitally literate for communication, reviewing documents, and voting;
· Be able to attend the Council on Legislation for its entire duration; and
· Report on the deliberations of the Councils to the clubs in their district following the meetings of the Councils.
Nominees must complete a CoR/CoL-Nominee Data Form and a Rotary Resume (briefly summarizing Rotary-related activities since service as DG).  The form is found on District 6270 website, in ‘site pages’ listing.
Additional Requirements and Expectations
  • Candidates must participate in a committee interview process.  Date and time will be scheduled and announced.
  • Proposed candidates may discuss opportunities of this position with Past CoR/CoL Representatives. 
CoR/CoL Nominations
  • Nominations for Representative to CoR/CoL may be made by Rotary clubs, and individuals may self-nominate.
  • Representative/Alternate shall use the CoR/CoL Nominee Data Form.
  • Candidates must be active members of a club in the District. Any District Rotarian who is qualified can be nominated by any club in the district or self-nominate.
  • Nominations should include the completed and signed CoR/CoL Nominee Data Form and a Rotary Resume (including Rotary activities since service as DG).
  • Nominations must be received by November 1, 2019, by Committee Co-Chair:  PDG Jeffrey Reed at jreed6270@gmail.com .  Receipt of nominations will be confirmed by e-mail. 
Selection Process
  • Candidates whose paperwork is received by the deadline, and who meet the qualifications, will be invited to meet for an in-person interview.  The interview will be conducted in November or December 2019 by the District Nominating Committee created in accordance with the provisions of the District 6270 Manual of Policy and Procedure.
  • Interviews will be conducted by the District 6270 Nominating Committee, made up of members of the district. 
  • Interviews typically last about 30 minutes and cover a range of topics.
  • Interviews will be completed by January 1, 2020. 
  • The Committee "selects" and proposes a candidate to be District Representative and an Alternate Representative to CoR/CoL. 
  • The Representative and Alternate to CoR/CoL must be approved by the district at the 2020 District 6270 Annual Meeting. 
Serving as co-chairs of the 2019-20 District Nominating Committee are PDG Jeff Reed (lead co-chair), jreed6270@gmail.com and PDG Kola Alayande (assistant co-chair), kola.alayande@rotary6270.org .  Assistance may be provided, if needed, by the District Secretary or another Past District Governor not involved in the process.