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Membership Voice Webinar 7.30pm Thursday 8 June 2017
To register for the webinar, or find out more, go to
We talk a lot about Facebook but LinkedIn is another social media platform that has great potential to help Rotarians.

This session will cover 
- how to build your personal brand to position yourself as someone trustworthy and worth knowing
- how to reconnect with Rotary youth program alumni
- how to find and engage with professionals in your local area
- how to find potential speakers or individuals who may be interested in your project or cause 
- how to share engaging content that will enhance Rotary's public image and attract interest in your club 

Note that this session is especially relevant for students and retirees. Don't ignore LinkedIn because you are not actively seeking work right now. 

Presenter Kate McKenzie is a professional fundraiser in the higher education sector who has many years of experience in successfully using social media to expand her network and support Rotary. She is a member of the Rotary e-Club of Western Australia and board member of the Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship.