October 2017
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Rotary International District 9465

Governor Bruce Lynch (Glenda) 

From the Rotary Club of South Bunbury

                    With RI President Ian Riseley (Juliet)


Throughout my life I’ve been driven by the desire to succeed and make a positive contribution to life. Sometimes this can be a bit overwhelming, but also exciting and challenging. It’s how I feel about the privilege of being your Governor in 2017/18. But I’m up for the challenge and draw my inspiration from all who like me, are committed to doing good in the world. It keeps my passion alive and active. 

As one person, I am acutely aware of my limitations but I know that persistence will always override mediocrity. I’m also fully conscious that when we work together we achieve extraordinary results. Therefore, I encourage you all to embrace teamwork and to respect, support and cooperate with each other both within your Club and throughout the District and beyond. I’ll certainly be actively promoting all those qualities.

I’m also passionate about achieving high standards, consistency in our actions and continuity in our major projects from one Rotary year to the next. Your District Board and the District Leadership Team will do everything they can to achieve this and have been selected to provide professional, qualified and accurate information to support all our Clubs and members.

The District team is also acutely mindful of the need to help those less fortunate, not only within our local communities but around the globe. Worldwide partner coordination is provided through the Rotary International organisation and to this end we have adopted Rotary International President Ian Riseley’s Strategic Plan for the 2017/18 Rotary year. It contains three simple steps to success.They are:

  1. Support and strengthen Clubs: focus will be placed upon interested, positive people who want to help make a difference.  New members with new ideas, assisting with new and existing projects.
  2. Increase Humanitarian Service: Together we can fight disease, educate the poor, protect the environment, provide clean water, eradicate Polio and promote world peace. 
  3. Enhance Rotary’s Public Image and Awareness: Together we will increase our relationship with corporate and community organisations. With an outcome that ‘Every person in western Australia’ will know about Rotary. 

So let’s keep the passion alive and grasp the many opportunities on offer through our Rotary programs. Collectively we have the ability to break down cultural barriers and with teamwork we can reduce poverty and change or even save lives. 

I invite you on the journey with me so that Together We Will Make A Difference.                                                            



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Rotary International District 9465 News
The Community Forum and Cocktail Party held on 13 September 2017 was a huge success with an audience of around 200 about 60% of whom were Rotarians and partners; with the remaining 40% from the corporate, academic, and medical communities. Thank you to all the Rotary Clubs who contributed so generously. To read all about the event Click here. 

Australian Rotary Health is second only to Beyond Blue as the nation’s largest private funder of mental health research. For more about the research grants and scholarships available Click here.
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