Fall 2016

District Governor's Message

To the eyes of all Rotarians, November is the month of the Rotary Foundation. It’s a foundation that belongs to all Rotarians and is managed by Rotarians. The Foundation is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.
Rigorous financial practices, first in class in worldwide charitable organizations, and a unique financial model: these key factors ensure optimal use of your contributions. So, before the end of November, please make your pledge and become an active player in Rotary’s humanitarian actions.
It is by this powerful financial instrument that we join our forces in order to transform our donations into projects, projects that change lives both at home, in our local communities, and abroad.
It is through this wonderful network that we, as Rotarians, invest our time, money and expertise in priorities such as Polio eradication and the promotion of peace.
Rotary Foundation grants give Rotarians the opportunity to address worldwide challenges such as poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition, by developing durable solutions that generate long term positive impacts.
RI President John Germ asks that at least three of the following objectives be met by each of our Rotary Clubs :
  • Donate at least $536. USD to the Rotary Foundation ;
  • Each Club member donates a minimum of $26.50 USD;
  • Contribute at least $2,650. USD to PolioPlus in honor of the Foundation centennial;
  • Each Club member donates $100. USD to the Annual Fund ;
  • Exceed the highest amount of yearly donations reached by your Club over the past 5 years (sum of member donations). The total donations must be at least $26.50 per member;
  • Add at least one new Benefactor or Bequest Society member.
On October 29th, two important meetings took place in St-Georges, QC : First, a lunch conference that gathered generous Rotarians who listened to an inspiring message from Carolyn Johnson. Many thanks to the more than 60 Rotarian attendees. The second meeting was the District Annual Assembly where iPDG Steve Al Feather presented his financial results. Congratulations to Al for his exceptional year and a balanced budget.
My Club visits were completed at the beginning of November. I had the opportunity to meet and greet with all the clubs in our District. It’s amazing to meet 52 clubs, to find 52 diverse ways to operate, and realize that we all serve one same objective: Serving Humanity.
Serving Humanity is a vast undertaking. It’s about serving here, locally, as well as elsewhere around the world. Practically all the Clubs in our District are involved in international projects, which testify to the international scope of Rotary. But, without exception, all clubs have multiple projects to serve in their local communities. These local projects are important because they also promote Rotary’s positive image in the eye of our local communities. Is your club taking advantage of these actions to make our Rotary wheel, known for its 6 spokes and 24 cogs, move forward every year? Whatever the means taken to realize our goals, we are always forging ahead.
Yours in Rotary, 
DG Jean-Louis Joly
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