Suzanne Uhl-Melanson joined the Waterville Rotary Club November 1999.  After just dabbling in Rotary- showing up to meetings but not really participating, she decided to become more involved.  She joined the Board of Directors, attended her first District Conference in Quebec City and was hooked!
She has served as Committee Chairs for Foundation and Membership committees.  She served on the Board of Directors for her Club 5 times and was Club President 2012/13. She later became an Assistant Governor for three years before being asked to interview for the District Governor position.
“Rotary brings people together from all backgrounds, political positions and religious preferences for one common good: making the world a healthier, safer and more peaceful place.  It is an organization that gives to the local and global community; and a Rotarian does not have to leave their home to participate in Rotary’s Global outreach and magic.  I also have to admit that I enjoy the singing that is so prevalent in many Rotary Clubs.”
As District governor in 2019/2020, Suzanne will celebrate 20 years in Rotary with all the new friends in our District 7790. 
Also, for 20 years, she has been a Financial Planner- a career move after owning a restaurant for 15 years.  As a Financial Planner she manages $70 million in investments for her clients.  She also helps her clients plan for retirement, manage their households, manage taxes and offers estate planning.
As a restaurant owner prior to a career in financial planning, Suzanne studied the culinary arts and was a renowned Chef for 15 years.  She owned a restaurant in Maine and one in Puerto Rico.  The restaurants received numerous accolades for both the food and wine offerings.
She and her husband Jeff enjoy cooking as a hobby as well as collecting wine.  When they are not at their primary home in Winslow, Maine, they are in Quebec City where they have a condo.  They love the Quebecoise culture and treasure their time in the city.  They have been visiting Quebec and the surrounding communities since 1998.  They are always looking for opportunities to practice their French!
Suzanne and Jeff enjoy all outdoor activities: especially x-country skiing in the winter and swimming and rowing in the summer.  They have one grown daughter, Heidi, son-in-law Henry and two grandchildren: Deanna age 14 and JJ age 12.  They try to spend as much time as possible with them.
As they like new adventures and travelling, they are looking forward to visiting all the Clubs in the District!
We wish a wonderful year to Governor Suzanne!