District Governor's Citation 2019-2020
Achieve a minimum of 15 points
Club visits:                          For each club visit in your country                                               1 point
                                             For each Club visit over the border                                              5 points
                                             For each Club visit to your Nut/Bolt partner club                      10 points
District Assembly:             Attendance of 1 member/ Club                                                     2 points
                                            Attendance of 2 members/ Club                                                    5 points
District Conference:         Attendance of 1 member                                                                5 points
                                           Attendance of 2 members                                                             15 points
Attend another Club's fundraising or celebration event                                                     5 points
Attend another Club's fundraising or celebration event over the border                        15 points
Achieve a minimum of 15 points
Sponsor a new type of membership:
                                Satellite Club                                                                                           15 points
                                Each Corporate membership                                                                 10 points
                                Each Family membership                                                                          5 points
                                Passport Club                                                                                           15 points
                                Rot¬≠¬≠aract Club                                                                                           20 points
Achieve a minimum of 40 points
Conduct 3 Community Events w/ People of Action Signs pictures                                    20 points
For each community project over 3                                                                                       10 points
Partner/participate with another local organization for a Community Project    add 5 points to above
Update your website with Theme Logo and People of Action sign                                    15 points
MyRotary updated w/Current Officers & Goals                                                                 20 points
No minimum so add the points!
Attain EREY giving of $100 from 25% of club members                                                   5 points
Attain EREY giving of $100 from 50% of club members                                                   10 points
Attain EREY giving of $100 from 75% of club members                                                   20 points
Attain EREY giving of $100 from 100% of club members                                                 40 points
Write a District Grant                                                                                                            20 points/grant
Write a Global Grant                                                                                                              60 points
If you achieve the District Governor's Citation you will:
                Grow your Club membership
                Retain more Club members
                Build Fellowship
                Brand Rotary as a leading philanthropic organization
                Do good in your community and the world
                Forge new partnerships to do more good
                Have FUN!
The DISTRICT CITATION is awarded to Clubs with a total of 85 points (and with achieving minimums in UNITE, MEMBERSHIP, TAKE ACTION categories).
The Club with the highest points will receive a VERY SPECIAL AWARD!!
The DG Citation must be presented to the District Governor (with proof) no later than June 30, 2020.