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Welcome to District 7790's Resource Page for Public Relations and Public Image!
You're here because you want to be able to tell the story of your Rotary Club to others. 
Congratulations! Rotary's story is a brilliant narrative of fellowship and service, of people and communities coming together to do good. 
As a Rotarian in District 7790, you're aware of your club's commitment to service above self, as well as all the time and energy that your members devote to making both your local community and your global community better. By sharing what your club does, you help recruit members and funds, but also you raise people's awareness of the powerhouse of social change and fellowship that is Rotary International. 
It's time to tell your part of Rotary's story! 
Please remember that this District, Zone 24, and Rotary International all are here to help you spread the story of your Rotary triumphs and needs. 
I've listed some goals that we can work towards together as a district. By placing them here, I hope that you'll be able to look back on them as the year progresses and see how much you and your club has done. 
1. Increase usage of existing and forthcoming social media and materials.
2. Ensure 66% of our clubs adopt the visual identity and voice in online presence, print collateral, electronic communications, brochures, promotional materials, etc.
3. Secure at least 18 unique media placements in your district per year covering the following topics:
  • Service projects
  • Highlights of people or organizations that have benefited from local Rotary clubs
    (including alumni)
  • Local events/fundraising efforts
  • Polio eradication or six areas of focus
  • Social connections/networking opportunities
Below are a few links to help you. I will be adding more tools and information as the year progresses, and please feel free to contact me at at any time if you have a question, a need, or an idea on a resource that we can all share. 
Also, if you are responsible for the public image or public relations aspect of your club, please let me know so that I can put your name on my email list. If you'd like to have me come present to your club about social media, photos, or telling the story of Rotary, I am available and happy to visit. 
Here are the links to get you started! 
Quick Things to Remember: 
People connect to stories about other people and stories with pictures. Whether it's a press release or a social media post, try to use a picture that's active, clear and features a human being. When writing a press release or blog post, a tweet or a status update, try to show the direct community involvement with your issue. Journalists love a local aspect to any and every story.  
When good things happen (big or small), share them with your community via social media, press releases to newspaper, tv, and radio! Making a list of media resources is a wonderful first step to successful public image and relations. 
If you are on social media (and you should be), try to like both the District 7790's Facebook page, other club's Facebook pages and Twitters as well as Rotary International. The more we interact with each other, the more other people see us, the more fellowship we build between our own clubs and with the community. 
Let's share our story and celebrate how our district, our clubs, and our Rotary truly makes a difference! 
Tools and Aids
Social Media
Rotary Brand Center: (log in with your Rotary International account)
On this site, you can find the latest information about logos, messaging, images, and other identity guidelines. Please download the Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines for Rotarians (11 MB).