Profile and background
Personal and Professional Profile
Dino Marzaro is the second child of the Marzaro family.
His parents : Mrs. Marie-Marthe Cook and Mr. Carlo Marzaro got married in December 1958.
From their union will be born 4 boys: Gianni (1960), Dino (1961), Paolo (1963) and
the late Nico (1966).
Mr. and Mrs. Marzaro started their business in 1970 and since then 51 years have passed,
The Marzaro Family is still working together.
Dino Marzaro, thanks to his university studies (BAA acquired in 1983, at Laval University,) manages the accounting, marketing and merchandising section for their plumbing and stone cutting business.
Dino shares his life with Karen Fortin.
Rotarian experience
In the Rotary Club of Quebec
It was in November 1998 that Dino Marzaro became a member of the Rotary Club of Quebec
If you want to get to know the members and have them get to know you, get to the meetings early and sit at the front desk," a Rotarian told him in November 1998.
To this day, Dino welcomes members, speakers and guests to various Rotary meetings and activities. 
Dino joins his first committee: Organizing a Millennium Party
Dino and 3 Rotarians join together to decide the future of the 5 to Oysters activity.
Despite a lot of volunteer time and effort, this activity only generates about $35,000 annually
Following a ''brainstorming'' of the committee, the activity will be called ''Oysters and Wonders'' and will take place at the Ch√Ęteau Frontenac.
As a result, this fundraiser generates between $105000 and $195000 per year.
Even today, Dino is a member of this committee.
Dino Marzaro is chosen as President of the Quebec City Rotary Club.
During that same year, the Quebec City club won the Governor and International President awards.
Dino Marzaro is a member of the Making a Difference Committee
Since 2001, Dino Marzaro's Rotary career can also be described as follows:
Participation in several trips with the twin clubs of Bologna and Nanterre
Dino has hosted 7 GSE travel members from the following countries:
Taiwan, France (2x),Norway,Venezuela,Germany,Brazil
Between 2006 and 2018,Dino has participated in 15 polio vaccination trips to the following countries:Nigeria(5x),Chad(2x),Togo,Pakistan(2x),India(3x),Mali,Bangladesh.
Dino also participated in two Rotary Friendship trips (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam) and (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka).
Of course, Dino has participated in some international conventions of Rotary (Montreal, Lisbon, Toronto, Hamburg)
Dino has attended 3 Rotary Peace Seminars (Hawaii, Geneva and Nairobi)
In 2010, Dino was a finalist for the Rotary photocontest
Since 2010, Dino has chaired the advisory committee of the Salvation Army of Quebec
In 2019, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Quebec City Rotary Club, Dino was chosen as the Outstanding Rotarian for the decade 2009-2019
For District 7790
Dino is the Canadian representative for polioplus.
Rotary International has made the eradication of polio its ultimate goal.
Dino's role is to mobilize and inform members and the public of the role and money needed by Rotary to eliminate the polio virus.
Naturally, Dino has participated in several PETS and district conferences.
Each year, Dino visits Rotary clubs for an update on the progress of polio eradication.
Dino has participated in Rotary Foundation seminars.
Dino serves on the Membership Committee and participates in the development of 3 membership seminars in Canada and one in the state of Maine
In 2011, Dino received the Regional Service Award for a Polio FreeWorld
For zone 28-32
Dino served as the assistant coordinator for membership.
During these 5 years, Dino attended several meetings in Evanston (Rotary headquarters)
Dino wrote several bilingual articles for the magazines: The Rotarian, Rotary Canada and Beyond Borders.
Dino has participated in 4 Zone 28-32 conferences (Toronto, Providence, Winnipeg, Montreal)
In 2017, during the International Conference in Atlanta, and in front of 43,000 people, President John Germ used Dino Marzaro's photo as a background during a presentation
In 2019, at the International Conference in Hamburg, a photo with Dino Marzaro was used during a presentation
These 2 pictures summarize my journey since I joined in 1998 and especially my dedication and energy to Rotary