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270 kilometers from the Ugandan capital Kampala, lies Mbarara, the second largest metropolitan area in Uganda also known as the land of milk and honey. Mbarara gets its name from a mispronunciation of Emburara, a tall type of green grass that is a favorite of the long horned Ankole cattle.
The city, located in a forest region and surrounded by an area that was part of the historical Ankole kingdom is where we will be gathering between 27 to 29 April 2023 to celebrate the love and great memories of the Rotary year 2022/2023.
From here, we will fellowship as a family and celebrate our communities, as share our successes of the Amazing Rotary Year under the leadership of the two Governors; Mike Kennedy Sebalu (9213) and Peace Taremwa (9214). Our leaders have chosen Las Vegas Hotel in Mbarara to host the annual District Conference.
Through the conference Rotarians will have an opportunity to learn about what's happening in the two districts and meet other Rotarians in the area. The meeting will also give us an opportunity to engage with Amazing leaders from various parts of the country, showcase projects, spend time with friends and expand our networks. 
Registration for the conference is now ongoing through https://dc98.jjengo.com/ at an early bird registration fee of USD 190 for Rotarians and USD 120 for Rotractors. Through the Registration portal, you will be able to open your profile and make payments using your MasterCard, Visa and Mobile Money. 
The cost covers key conference activities like venues, speakers, evening activities that help Rotarians to bond as they celebrate the end of the Rotary year. After a long year of work, we need to unwind with the beauty that Mbarara presents.  There's a lot to do! Much more than you might think and lots of fun too. 
For more details about the conference please contact the Conference Chair Rtn Geoffrey Kitakule on gkitakule@gmail.com or the  Public Image chair Rtn Sylvia Nankya on email sylvien79@gmail.com or call +256 778120939 .  For registration related questions please send an email to dca98@googlegroups.com