Launching The Wave Magazine 2024

Posted by Charles Odaga on Jul 10, 2024
Sustaining the Magic!
Welcome to the New Rotary Year!
It is both an honor and a privilege for me and the dedicated Magic Team to lead our district through the Rotary year 2024-25. Like all of you, I am incredibly excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and the achievements we aim to realize during this special year of the Magic of Rotary.
Building upon the successes of “Creating Hope,” our focus remains steadfast: to ensure the sustained delivery of the Magic of Rotary, not just for the coming year, but for generations to follow. However, it is important to recognize that while it may appear effortless, creating true ‘magic’ in our clubs and in communities requires dedication and concerted effort from all of us.
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Me Toois the Magic Phrase

Posted by Bonaventure Binoti Ewo on Jul 10, 2024
Launching the monthly Rotaract magazine - The Insight
I am excited to welcome you to the enchanting Magical Rotary Year. I believe you are well prepared for the exciting journey that lies ahead as we create Magic in the lives of those we serve. Magic empowers individuals to tackle important tasks with confidence while maintaining composure in challenging situations. Its purpose is to instill optimism and strengthen faith in the triumph of hope over fear. I look forward to experiencing this magic with each of you! Our focus this Rotary Year is not just on completing tasks with mere words, but on creating meaningful impact in all our endeavors. This impact will be the magic that benefits those we serve.
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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Brochure 2024/25

Posted by Maureen Kawombe on Jul 05, 2024
The next generation service team introduces to you a program whose aim is to empower our young leaders through the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)•  

The theme for the upcoming RYLA 2024/25 is  Passion Action Reaction . RYLA offers transformative experiences for young individuals, equipping them with skills to lead and serve in their communities.

Let's invest in our future leaders and support RYLA programs. Read attached Brochure for More Information!
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Rotary Club of Sonde Embraces Bukerere Cerebral Palsy School in Long-Term Partnership

Posted by Dianah Kagere on Jul 01, 2024
The Rotary Club of Sonde embarked on a heartwarming initiative today 1st July as one of the Magical Year inaugural activity, taking over St. Charles Lwanga Bukerere Cerebral Palsy School for a day of engagement with the children. This launch marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between RC Sonde and the school, aiming to significantly improve the lives of children with disability in Sonde community.
The school is a learning point for over 35 children with cerebral Palsy, and other forms of disabilities from the communities surrounding the school including Sonde and Bukerere.
Rotarians spent the day with the children through a mix of learning activities, playful interactions, and shared meals, fostering a spirit of connection and joy.
Investing in the Future
The partnership extends far beyond a single day of engagement. The Rotary Club of Sonde has committed to a long-term vision for St. Charles Lwanga Bukerere Cerebral Palsy Center. The club plans to focus on the key areas including
  • Improved Infrastructure: The club has committed to the completion of the school’s classrooms and expansion, ensuring the school has adequate space for learning and development.
  • Specialized Education: The club through the Ministry of Gender, labor and Social Development (Disability) will be supporting the school to access qualified teachers experienced in special needs education.
  • Assistive Devices: The club is also looking for Disability partners to ensure the school accesses essential assistive devices to empower the children and enhance their learning experience.
  • Regular Therapy: Additionally through Ministry of Gender the club has reached out to request for regular therapy sessions for children with cerebral palsy and ensure these crucial interventions are readily available for children who need them.
The club has also donated assorted items including food, toiletries, and beddings worth over two million and seven hundred thousand Uganda shillings among others to boost the school’s food pantry.
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100th DisCon

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100th District Conference
A Conference is not a just a conference, it is about experience. 

JINJA, home to the iconic River Nile in the Pearl of Africa offers a lot of pre and post conference experiences and activities just for you. 

Venue: Civil Service College Uganda 👌
Register, pay now $200 (Rotarians /Guests) OR $120 (Rotaractors/ Guests) for the early bird and be part of the Rotary century celebration.
The clock is ticking, Why pay more when you can pay less now with the Early Bird Option

Simply Click on the link below and pay
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Out to Lunch: Why you may consider investing in Rotary

About 15 years or so ago, a friend asked me whether I could help them do some voluntary work. There was somebody visiting Uganda and there could use some of my skills. I was invited for a meeting over lunch at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala.
The meeting turned out to be a lecture of sorts where a speaker on a lectern makes a presentation followed by questions and answers from the plenary. A high table of sorts existed where somebody had a bell and wearing a chain pinned with golden miniature plaques.
Many of the people at the lunch hour event wore suits and all the kind of clothing that is considered acceptable in corporate offices. I could recognize a few public faces — captains of their respective industries.
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Among Launches Rotary Cancer Run 2024, Donates Shs1bn for Bunkers Completion 

Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among has officially launched the Rotary Cancer Run 2024 and donated Shs1 billion for the completion of the radiotherapy centre at St. Francis Nsambya Hospital.
Among arrived at Nsambya this morning, where she was welcomed by the hospital management and the organisers of the Rotary cancer run before touring the cancer ward and bunker site.
In her speech,
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Creating Hope is Our Call

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Welcome to the new Rotary Year.
My Sisters and Brothers in Rotary: I feel incredibly privileged to be your District Governor Rotary year 2023/24 and to follow in the footsteps of amazing District Governor Hon Dr Mike Keneddy Sebalu. 
I want to welcome you to the new Rotary year where our theme is “Create Hope in the World” A lot of amazing work has been accomplished in 2022- 23 but more is expected from us this Rotary Year in line with this year’s theme. Therefore, we will need the support of all Rotarians and Rotaractors to take our District to greater heights and if this is to happen, we have to lead from the front. Bill Owen reminds us that “True leadership lies in guiding others to success in establishing everyone is performing at their best.”
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District calendar for the rest 2023

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The new Rotary Year 2023-2024 District calendar is now available. This calendar includes all District activities as well as the District Governor's schedule. Please see the accompanying document for further information.
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I write to remind you about the opening of the season for Annual District Rotary Awards for Rotary District D9213.  This Rotary Year a number of awards including a few new and exciting ones are up for grabs.  I further call upon Club Presidents  to ensure that their respective clubs participate in this not to be missed challenge.  

Take note that winners and runners up will be announced during the D9213 97th District Conference to be held between 21st - 24th April 2022 at Enashipai Resort & spa Naivasha, Kenya. 

Some FAQs

What is the Application process? Applications are either systems generated or by written application. For system generated awards like membership, TRF, Rotary/Rotaract/Interact Club of the Year, clubs are not required to apply and winners will be determined based on data from My Rotary and D9213 portal.  For other awards where a written application is required clubs will make a formal application with a cover letter signed by the Club President and written evidence to support their application for a given award clearly referencing the evaluation criteria provided in the announcement.

When are applications open? Applications requiring written submissions are now open for clubs to participate and close on 31 March 2022.

Is there an application form? No there is no application form – a cover letter and accompanying write-up supporting your application for an award not exceeding 3 pages.

Applications as applicable should be submitted in writing to the District Executive Secretary Rotary District D9213.  Find here attached the complete list of Awards for your reference and action.


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RI President Jennifer E. Jones's Story

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Jennifer E. Jones makes history, becomes the first woman named Rotary International President.
Jennifer E. Jones, a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada, has been nominated to become Rotary International’s president for 2022-23, a groundbreaking selection that will make her the first woman to hold that office in the organization’s 115-year history.
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District Governor's Message

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I congratulate you, fellow Rotarians, on completion of the first quarter of RY2021-22. It has been a learning experience, but also gratifying for me on my official visits to clubs. I have experienced amazing projects that change lives in our communities, the joy of inducting new members, and celebration for Rotarians recognized for the generous gifts to the Rotary Foundation.  My gratitude to Change Maker Presidents, Assistant Governors and Area Support officers who have contributed to the attainment of these accomplishments. In the remaining nine months ahead of us, I encourage each one of you to Do More and Grow More as we lay a firm foundation for D9213. I implore you to keep up the positive energy that you have so far exhibited, as you work towards accomplishing your goals.  

I further congratulate you on successfully hosting the Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta and First Lady Rashi. I remain indebted to the Chairs of the projects that showcased activities namely Sam Owori Rotary Vijana Poa Village, RI - USAID WASH Program, Rotary Centenary Bank Cancer Center, Maternal and Child Health Program, Empower Girls Initiative, Rotary Mengo Hospital Blood Bank, and Rotary Peace Center-Makerere University. I applaud the efforts of the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs that admitted 140 and 115 new members respectively; and the Rotarians and Rotaractors that were recognized for generous gifts to the Rotary Foundation. I am also indebted to the generosity of Indian Association and Ruparelia Group for the warm reception to President Shekhar. I appreciate the Organizing Committee led by PDG Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa for the unrivalled team spirit, passion, and talent that made the visit of the RI President a memorable one.
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