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Are you a professional looking to improve your community and the world? Our District is made up of committed individuals that value service and volunteerism. You can meet a wide range of people who share your desire to give back by joining Rotary.
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A new day, a new Rotary year, a new theme to energise us, but with the same mission of Service Above Self. Entering into the 3rd year of our district, the theme for this Rotary year could not have been better. We Served to Change Lives as an infant district. We have been Amazing in the Imagine year as toddlers and adolescents. We are now ready as adults to Create Hope in the World. As a district, our growth could not have been so rapid and marked within two years. All thanks to the leaders who have diligently served us in the last two years.
As your team leader in the Hope Creator Year, I am excited to be part of the wonderful family in D9213. We have a great team to take our district to the next level. A level where hope will not only be spoken about but felt and experienced. Creating hope within ourselves, our club members, and in our communities. I welcome each one of you to be part of the story. A story of lifechanging interventions through our service to humanity. Stories of creating hope in communities around us through our various service projects and growing Rotary through membership retention, recruitment and extension to bring more hands on deck. Creating hope, in communities that we may never know through our giving to The Rotary Foundation.

Let us not forget to tell our stories. Stories of hope we have created, what we stand for, and most importantly, stories of creating hope where the word "hope" did not make sense.

I look forward to interacting with all of you in your various clubs during my visits to your clubs. I shall visit all your clubs physically, listen to your grand plans and motivate you to realise those aspirations.
I wish you the very best as we Create Hope in the World.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Edward Kakembo Nsubuga
Empowering Boys For A Bright Future: Inside the Groundbreaking Boy Child Uplifting Program (BCUP) 2023/2024
Over the decades, our society has built an average record of 87% initiatives focusing on mentoring and empowering the girl child, whereas only 13% documented initiatives are focusing on mentoring the boy child. The continued exclusion of the boy child in gender equality campaigns and programs has created a population at crossroads grappling with; crime, low self-esteem,violence, widespread alcoholism, drug abuse, and increased school dropouts. With closer needs assessment in Uganda, the boys are becoming the weaker sex. Today, there is a substantive debate about the boy child, with many people feeling that there is need to re-think whether the advancement by girls has completely kept out the boys. 

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