RFE allows Rotarians and spouses to visit other Rotary Districts and interact with Rotarians of a different country, a different geographical region and a different culture.  Then these Rotarians and their clubs will host Rotarians and spouses from the district they visited.  This gives our Rotarians and clubs an opportunity to showcase why we believe that District 5020 is the greatest place in the world to live.
A Rotary Friendship Exchange usually involves six Rotary couples/singles for a period of 15 days.  This generally allows Rotarians to be hosted in five different clubs in the district visited.
In District 5020 we always want to ensure that our RFE team will include Rotarians from both Canada and the USA thus allowing us to host visitors on both sides of the border.
When a Rotary Friendship Exchange is proposed, the details will be sent to every club president who then should pass this information on to  all Rotarians.
For more information about the program contact our District RFE co-chairs or see the article about the program .  District 5020 RFE Co-chairpersons are Linda Krahn  ( or Steve Garfein  (