Until the pandemic subsides, the Rotary Friendship Exchange program is suspended.  Like everyone else we are excited to resume more normal lives as soon as possible.  As an RFE needs a minimum 6 months planning,  we are now looking at 2022 for our next RFE events.  Mean time,  it's always nice to dream and plan.  Contact details remain the same,  below,  for more information. 

Love travel.  Love Rotary.


Rotary Friendship Exchange is when a group of Rotarians from one Rotary district in the world travel to another for fun and fellowship. It's a wonderful way to travel, but it's not like a regular holiday, it's an experience.  You'll learn about how the locals live, make lifelong friends and discover new cultures and communities.  Often you share Rotary projects and ideas. Exchanges are usually reciprocal.  

Photo.  A recent District RFE team in Russia.