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Caleb Summerfelt
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Look no further for the perfect Rotary logo to use for any club promotional material. Your District PI committee has collected together key Rotary logos and packaged them up for you. You can access the logos in 3 different ways:

  1. Visit our Rotary Graphics library and follow the instructions found here: ‘Guide To Downloading Logos From District 5020 Website’

  2. Or download all the logos in one go. Click on the following link: https://goo.gl/5p6cqa to download the rotarylogos file to your computer and unzip. 

  3. Visit the Rotary Brand Center


Program Logos (Rotaract and Interact)

Use these logos to promote Rotary’s programs, including Rotaract and Interact.


The Rotary Foundation Logos

Use The Rotary Foundation logo in your club or district communications.


Rotary Wheel Logos

Use the Rotary wheel prominently as a proud symbol of our heritage. It should always be accompanied by the official Rotary logo. You will find blue, black, gold and white coloured Rotary wheels.

Rotary Wheel + Rotary Wording Logos

Rotary's official logo, also known as the Rotary signature. You will find blue, black, white, white/gold and gold/Blue coloured logos.

New Rotary Theme Logos

Ensure that you have updated your theme logo from Be a Gift To The World to Rotary Serving Humanity. 

Simplified logos

These are logos with small details removed. Use these in digital marketing in small spaces. Good to use on light backgrounds.

Other things to know: Each logo type will have a .png and a .eps file You will only ever have to use an.eps file when a vectored image is needed on software like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. If you aren't sure what it is, chances are you won't need to use it. Just know you have it if anyone asked for a vectored image.